I guess 2012 was a bad year for chocolate cake… A few weeks ago I posted on National Bittersweet Chocolate Day that last year’s highlight, The Best Chocolate Cake In The World, had closed its doors last year (and is, by default, no longer living up to its name!) And now at the end of the month I have to do the same thing!:-(

Today is National Chocolate Cake Day, which sounds like a great day to celebrate the chocolate cake in all its kinds: mousse, Devil’s Food, Brooklyn Blackout…there are so many ways to enjoy chocolate in your cake, it makes my head spin! I may even try my hand at making a chocolate cake myself this weekend, with a new and unusual recipe I’ve never tried before: a chocolate mayonnaise cake that’s supposed to come out super-moist (and doesn’t have a tangy mayonnaise taste at all!) If I end up baking that I’ll definitely give you all the recipe–as well as post some great photos!

But here’s some sad news: last year for Chocolate Cake Day I recommended the Soutine Bakery for their signature cake, the Concord, which consisted of chocolate meringue and dark chocolate mousse. Unfortunately, Soutine Bakery closed last year, so the Concord is no longer flying into the mouths of chocoholics all around New York. But fear not! I also mentioned two other chocolate cakes that day: Two Little Red Hens’ Brooklyn Blackout Cake, and Cafe Sabarsky’s Rehrücken cake. Both of those bakeries are still open, and the cakes are still available to devour! Enjoy National Chocolate Cake Day with either of those delicious choices!