Today is National Cafe Au Lait Day! The yummy French coffee drink known as Cafe au Lait — directly translated as “coffee with milk” — is a little more complicated than a slosh of skim mixed in with your daily brew. The milk in a cafe au lait must already be hot when it’s added to the hot coffee; otherwise, the temperature of the whole drink is brought down, degrading the flavor and potency.

I highlighted a lot of places in New York that use the cafe au lait flavor in their dishes and beverages. You can check out the post here. But unfortunately, one of those places has already shuttered its doors! Griff’s Gelati in the City Hall area of Manhattan made some rich, delicious gelati in great flavors, including cafe au lait. But it couldn’t keep up with the fast pace of businesses down there, and has since closed.

But fear not! If you want to get some great cafe au lait (or just get that creamy, milky coffee flavor), you can still head to Balthazar Bakery for a hot mug of the stuff, or to Dough for their take on the “Cafe Au Lait” doughnut. Or go to both places and get a cafe au lait double for today!