January 10th is National Bittersweet Chocolate Day! Chocolate, contrary to popular opinion, isn’t sweet on its own: it needs sugar and other things added to it to make it the lovely, sweet chocolate bar or candy or confection we know and love. Unsweetened chocolate, or chocolate with just a little bit of sugar added to the mix, is considered bittersweet, and is used often for baking. (And hey, some people love the taste of bittersweet chocolate all by itself!)

Last year on Bittersweet Chocolate Day I highlighted a chocolate cake that used bittersweet chocolate to stand out in a city full of yummy bakeries. They did so with an exceptional cake and a boastful name: the cake, as well as the store, was known as the Best Chocolate Cake in the World. Welp, it seems that New Yorkers don’t like being told what’s the best in the world–let us decide for ourselves, jerks!–because the Best Chocolate Cake in the world has been evaluated by the great marker for quality: our pocketbooks. And people haven’t been paying up!

It looks like the Best Chocolate Cake In The World–both cake and store–are no more. There are conflicting reports about the status of their three New York City locations: some reviewers on Yelp say the businesses are closed, others say they’ve changed their name to “Choco Bolo;” and still others say they have the same name, but perhaps people just don’t want the store to be open, because their chocolate cake has gone down in quality so much. Either way, it appears that Best Chocolate Cake In The World is no longer living up to its name.

Perhaps try your own hand at making a bittersweet chocolate cake this January 10th–and maybe yours will be the best in the world!