Friends, foodies, New Yorkers: lend me your tastebuds!

Did you know that in the United States, there is an ingredient, dish, or drink to commemorate every day of the year?

I started becoming interested in National Food Days about a year ago, and wondered how I could represent the unique, fun, and delicious days in the calendar year ahead.  Growing up in New York City, I knew there were literally thousands of restaurants, bakeries, and bars catering to every epicurean desire, and every New Yorker had their own opinion on what was “the best.”  (Seriously, don’t get into an argument about the best pizza slice in the city. Whoever you argue with, you will lose.)

I mixed those two passions together and came up with this blog.  I hope you enjoy!

The blog, started for 2012, will feature a restaurant in New York City—predominantly Manhattan, but the other boroughs will also be well-represented—that best exemplifies the national food of the day.  Selections will be based on restaurant reviews, both from food critics and patrons alike.  Some of these places I’ve been to; most I have not.  (Some days, such as January 14—Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day—are, in my opinion, definitive and non-negotiable. :P)  I do not consider myself a food critic, an expert on any of these dishes or cuisines, or a New York City foodie tour guide. (Though, what a great job to have!)

This blog is all in fun, and I hope to make it interactive as well! Share with me your favorite places in the city to eat all these yummy meals.  Every New Yorker has their unique opinion on dining in the city, and I want to hear yours!

I hope you find this blog both entertaining and informative, and it gets you out of your chair and into one of these restaurants—and it will certainly get you hungry!