So it’s not an “official” national food holiday…it’s important information! Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Omelet Day takes off the famous adage “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” meaning, don’t put all your faith (and time, and money, etc.) into one thing, because then that one thing can falter and fail, and you’ll be left starting from scratch. The same applies to an omelet, that deceivingly easy breakfast staple: it can look simple to the untrained eye, but a perfect omelet takes precision, skill, time, and finesse to cooking (and flipping!) the eggs. And if you put all your eggs into making one omelet, and you burn it or accidentally flip it right out of the frying pan (noooo, I haven’t done this ever), you’re left with no eggs and no breakfast. Also, if you do happen to make a successful omelet by using all of your eggs, that’s one freakin’ huge omelet!

So if you don’t feel like cooking (or like buying eggs), today is still a great day to get an omelet for breakfast, or lunch, or even dinner (breakfast for dinner is still one of my faves!) And what better place to get some eggs than a farm? Okay, so the Farm on Adderley is not an actual farm–nor is it anywhere near Adderley–but it’s a great restaurant providing farm fresh, local foods in an area of Brooklyn that isn’t well-known for the locavore trend. Every ingredient the owners Gary Jonas and Allison McDowell use have a distinctive local, farmer-owned pedigree, from the eggs they get from Pennsylvania to the cheese they get from Vermont, vegetables from Norwich, NY, and beef right from New Paltz. So you know that this omelet you want to get will be fabulous! They offer a farm omelet with cheddar cheese and caramelized onion, but you can order any special omelet you like, like adding spinach and mushrooms (my favorite kind of omelet!) or omitting the egg yolks for an all-white omelet. And hey, if you only have the egg whites in your breakfast, you haven’t put all your eggs in one omelet! It totally counts 😀

The Farm on Adderley
1108 Cortelyou Rd (between Stratford Rd & Westminster Rd), Ditmas Park

Some reviews from

“My friend and I both opted to have their mushroom omelet. We asked to have tomatoes and egg whites only added just for good measure. You know, put the chef to the test. Well he passed with flying colors. The food arrived very promptly and hot. At some point between all the laughing we were doing, we both looked at each other and said ” Dam” this food is sooooo good!”–Percy H.

“OMG!! I’m not kidding.. this was the best omelet I have ever had. It was light and fluffy and cheesy and savory all in one. It was served with a nice side salad which was a welcoming change from a huge helping of potatoes that normally adorn the side of an omelet. Also two pieces of toast that came with yummy strawberry jam that had chunks of strawberries….. awesome!”–Ashley K.


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