If you like pina coladas…..and gettin caught in the rain…..

Well, there’s no chance of rain in the forecast today, but you can certainly get caught in a pina colada (if you like ’em)! Today is National Pina Colada day, a great day to celebrate an icy cool sweet drink that reminds you of the tropics 😉 Pina coladas were invented in 1954 in San Juan, and have since become the official drink of Puerto Rico. Made of white rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple juice, the drink smells and tastes like everything Caribbean: the crisp tartness of the pineapple, the frothy fat sweetness of coconut, and the loving bite that white rum provides on the tongue. I’m going to be heading on a cruise in 4 days–to Bermuda, though, not Puerto Rico!–and I plan to have a whole slew of these on the ship to celebrate!

You can hit any cantina in New York to get a decent Pina Colada to celebrate the holiday today, but my bet is trying a bar that doesn’t even sell a Pina Colada at all. At the Commodore in Williamsburg, their signature drink is a cocktail of the same name, that lays striking resemblance to an island favorite. The Commodore cocktail is a huge pina colada with an amaretto float in the middle, giving it an added layer of sweetness that makes this drink special. Enjoy it by itself, or order up a plate of their famous fried chicken with hot sauce to really whet that thirst. Pineapple juice, coconut, rum, and amaretto? I might just force them to make this for me on the ship next week!

The Commodore
366 Metropolitan Ave, Williamsburg

“A dive bar with great food that feels as if it’s been around forever. The kitchen turns out a vaguely Southern array of crunchy, spicy, greasy, gooey and salty dishes that push all the right buttons when you’re rolling through your third drink of the night. There are no waiters, so you need to push up to the bar to ask for a Trailways, vodka and grapefruit juice with mint (get it? it’s a greyhound with mint), and a hot catfish sandwich; or a Commodore, which is a piña colada with an Amaretto float, and the fried chicken plate: three thighs, a bowl of biscuits and a side of hot sauce.”–The New York Times

“There are quite a few reasons to enjoy this Williamsburg barstaurant (the fried chicken) but on a day like today there is only one. The namesake drink here, the Commodore. Basically a massive pina colada, it will cool you down and make you smile.”–Gothamist

“The name suggests a nautical motif, but that’s confined to the cocktail menu, which looks to mixed drinks of the past for inspiration. Jesus, they’re strong! In crude line drawings, these cocktails are depicted on a placemat with the ingredients scrupulously listed beneath, as if the mayor himself had demanded it. There’s the self-titled Commodore, an achingly sweet piña colada with Amaretto poured on top. (The placemat calls the liqueur a “float,” but it’s more of a “sink.”)”–The Village Voice

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“My friend and I did some quick smart phone calculations and determined that “The Commodore” their signature amazing Pina Colada with a shot of Amaretto might have roughly 1500-2000 calories in it. And still we go there, weekly, sometimes in cold weather and keep drinking them, many of them. Soooo good!”–Greta B.

“The Commodore (a Pina Colada with an Amaretto float) was very well executed. and all the frozen drinks are made from scratch, not one of those cheesy frozen, crappy tasting drink machines. Please add waiter service to speed things up. Can not wait to go back. Another reason to travel to Brooklyn!”–Chris G.


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