The nay-sayers who don’t like this national food holiday all say the same thing: aren’t all cookies, by definition, sugar cookies? I mean, a chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter cookie, even the ones with M&Ms in them, all have sugar in their batter and toppings. So isn’t a sugar cookie cheating you out of the good stuff–the toppings? I say, haters to the left! Because sugar cookies have a texture and taste all their own, that is completely different from any other cookie. They always taste lighter and purer than topping-ed cookies; without the bells and whistles of other cookies, the pure taste of the sugar gets to shine through. They’re like the angel food cake of cookies 🙂

And what’s great about sugar cookies is that their simple makeup lends itself well to decoration. Sugar cookies are the most decorated among the cookie family, and people love topping them with everything from rainbow sprinkles to royal icing and fruit jams. And one baking company has mastered the art of the decorated sugar cookie: Eleni’s. Based in Chelsea Market, owner Eleni Gianopulos makes gourmet sugar cookies to order, with unique shapes and decorations for any (literally any) occasion. Each cookie is hand-baked and hand-iced, and are known for their whimsical appearance and good old-fashioned taste. These cookies have become so famous that Eleni’s has graced the pages of numerous high-end magazines and celebrity bashes, from Vanity Fair to Vogue. When was the last time your iced sugar cookie was in the pages of one of the most respected high fashion magazines in the world?? Stop by their Chelsea location to see what’s on the baking sheet for today, or call in a special order for that special occasion of yours. You’ll never dismiss the humble sugar cookie again!

Eleni’s Cookies
75 9th Ave

“Eleni’s hand-iced sugar cookies have become the company’s signature product. Known nationwide as pieces of edible art, each cookie is hand-cut, hand-decorated and hand-packaged to ensure quality. Eleni’s is renowned for crafting beautiful, delicious iced sugar cookies in a variety of whimsical themes – from spring flowers to high-heeled shoes to Halloween ghouls.”–New York Daily News

“Shoppers linger at the long glass counter ogling dozens of colorful cookies, and the inviting white-and-pink shop includes a handful of tables for sampling purchases. Creative treats include sugar cookies depicting Barack Obama, flowers, taxicabs, and holiday-themed shapes, as well as artistic cupcakes in flavors like red velvet and chocolate ganache. But the cafĂ© is only a small part of Gianopulos’s business: The former graphic designer specializes in custom-order cookies in any quantity. Her Long Island City–based team has crafted frosted cookies shaped like everything from corporate logos to designer handbags.”–New York Magazine

“Among the amused: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, who doled out New York City-themed iced sugar cookies as party favors at their November 2000 wedding. Other memorable custom orders: 800 miniature dancing legs for The Producers’ producers and a gingerbread replica of Elton John’s English manor house, given to him as a 1997 Christmas present. “I had to peer in every tiny window to make sure the candy was in place,” says Gianopulos. “And we hand made every brick.” “Gianopulos,” says designer Spade, “takes an ordinary dessert and turns it into eye candy.””–People Magazine

Some reviews from

“Eleni’s is a great business in the fact that it is not completely corporate and is still family-run. They have passion behind all of their artistry, and despite their high prices, they are willing to work with you no matter what your budget. There aren’t as many personable companies out there. While my friends don’t necessarily appreciate gorgeously decorated hand-iced sugar cookies, these cookies are sure to impress no matter what the occasion – a gift of Eleni’s will absolutely set you apart from the rest of the crowd.”–Kelly R.

“Their cookies are the best. Not only are they the cutest ever, they actually taste REALLY REALLY good. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but come on – each cookie is hand iced! Look at the detail!! I’m a loser so I order the Eleni’s catalogue all the time and just looking through it makes me want to get up, whip up a batch of sugar cookies and ice them straight away. And then repeat the cycle again.”–Dorothy S.


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