January 20 – Cheese Lover’s Day

I dare you to look me in the eye and tell me you do not love cheese.

Well, okay, maybe you do not love cheese. I’m pretty sure those who are lactose intolerant aren’t all that happy with a national day dedicated to adoring a food they can’t eat (at least without medication or a lot of discomfort). But the rest of you have no excuse: cheese is delicious, full stop. There are so many varieties, from pungent to mild, crumble soft to grated hard, from all over the world; it’s tough to find someone who doesn’t enjoy some type of cheese, if not all.

So where better in New York to celebrate the day all about loving cheese, than at a cheesemonger’s? Murray’s Cheese Shop is an old-style 1940s store, with the quality of selection and expertise all the money of Chelsea Market can’t buy. Complete with their own aging cave underneath their store, Murray’s provides over one hundred ripened cheeses, many of their own design. It would be very difficult not to find your favorite cheese at this dairy Mecca, or to find a cheese at Murray’s that you did not like. To sample some of their finest cheeses at their very best, take home a sampler, or try one of their signature Murray’s Melts.

You are sure to find out how much awesome is in a block of Murray’s cheese. 😉

Murray’s Cheese Shop
254 Bleecker St (between Leroy St & Cornelia St)


“…cheese heads tend to zero in on the 250-strong selection from all over the world, from olive oil-aged Manchego from Spain to runny mixed milks from Italy. All manner of ash-covered, leaf-wrapped, raw milks, and blue varieties are here, and if it becomes a tad overwhelming, the knowledgeable counter staff is at your disposal, along with the sleek classroom, which holds frequent workshops.”–NY Magazine

“On any given day, Murray’s has seven sandwiches on hand. All benefit and are, in fact, designed to to go into the sandwich press. They are all made on high-quality rolls from either Amy’s Bread or Tom Cat, and good bread is indeed the foundation of a seriously delicious sandwich.”–Serious Eats

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“The under $10 sandwiches are a steal, and the melts include Murray’s special/secret blend of two cheeses which emits a strongish taste. Jump on in here to grab a sandwich, pick-up meticulously cared for cheeses for a party or picnic or to attend entertaining events!”–Alexandra R.

“This place is my heaven. Sure I appreciate East Village cheese for their dirt-cheap prices but Murray’s customer service is to die for. Plus they have so much as far as selection which goes far beyond cheese. To begin with they have mini smoked mozz balls, my mother (the queen mum of dairy) almost cried tears of joy when I introduced these to her. They also have an amazing selection of Salami something my boyfriend (the arch duke of pork) could not be taken away from by force.”–Lauren F.