It’s National Cheese Lover’s Day! Who doesn’t love cheese? Even though I have a slight intolerance to lactose, I power through it to eat any and all the cheeses I like. Hard, soft, veiny and moldy…they’re all so delicious!

Last year I highlighted Murray’s Cheese Shop, one of the oldest cheese shops in New York and the best place to get your favorite variety, from sharp cheddar to their own special cheesy blends they age in the basement. You can buy all of your cheese there to take home, or try out a Murray’s Melt, one of their signature grilled cheese sandwiches. Who can pass up a grilled cheese sandwich? And with great ingredient blends like smoked gouda and cranberry chutney, blue cheese and fried chicken, and feta and lamb belly, you can be sure you’re getting the most interesting grilled cheese sandwiches made from the best cheese in New York City!

I couldn’t get down to Murray’s Cheese Shop this year for a Murray’s Melt, but I took a look at their Murray’s Melts menu and gained inspiration to make my own grilled cheese sandwich creation. The BF and I tried our hand at our own variation on The Gentleman’s Club, which consists of cheddar cheese, grilled chicken, ham, and local honey-mustard sauce. Here’s what we did:

– I chose the Gentleman’s Club because cheddar was one of the cheapest and most abundant cheese they list on Murray’s Melts menu, lol. I used extra sharp cheddar, which did crumble a bit when I put it into the sandwich.
– We also had different cheeses in my kitchen, so we added those as well. Slices of Jarlsberg don’t melt well at all into a sandwich, but man, are they yummy. And a few slices of Colby-Jack worked perfectly to melt into the cheese and make a great grilled cheese sandwich.
– We thought adding the grilled chicken was a bit excessive, so we omitted the chicken.
– We had an overripe avocado we just had to use on something, so we mushed it up and added it as a spread. Delicious!

We grilled the sandwich (made with whole wheat bread, just because it was what I had in the kitchen) in a frying pan and it came out delicious! We didn’t think the honey mustard sauce would work well with cheese, but it gave it a nice tang that was incredibly tasty. And we didn’t miss the grilled chicken at all 🙂

The only thing I would change about making the sandwich is, I’d use actual slices of cheese, instead of slicing it off a block so it’s easier to put in between the bread. And I’d use a milder cheddar next time, because the sharp cheddar crumbled too much and fell out of the sandwich. But this was so delicious–even with the altered recipe–and I’d love to try Murray’s authentic melts sometime soon!