It was only two days ago that we celebrated another cream pie, National Bavarian Cream Pie Day. (I think this is all leading up to something…just a little hint that there might be a BIG pie day coming soon! ;-)) But today has a little tarter combination to it…national Lemon Creme Pie Day. The definition for a lemon creme pie is broad, but it should in some way include a lemon flavoring to the pie, mostly found as a lemon curd, like in lemon meringue pie, or as a flavoring to the creme itself. Any way you slice it, lemon creme pie is tart but also sweet, that strange combination of finding a sour citrus fruit as the star of a sweet dessert pie. It’s that mix of seemingly improbable flavors that people love!

And THE place to get a lemon creme pie in New York City is Trattoria dell’Arte on 7th Avenue in Midtown. They make their lemon creme pie with a carmelized sugar top, like a creme brulée but with sweet lemon curd on the bottom. I will go for just about anything brulée so even though I’m not a lemon dessert fan I may have to try this out 😉 Served with a homemade graham cracker crust, this pie is the shining gem in Trattoria dell’Arte’s dessert menu. Try it out today!

Trattoria dell’Arte
900 7th Ave (between 56th St & 57th St)

Some reviews from

“The service was very professional and prompt. Right there when you want something, but not annoyingly ever-present. For dessert I had the lemon cream pie with creme brullee top. Wonderful crust with a nice smooth tart creme.”–Mark B.

“To round out the oink fest, I had the lemon custard pie, a delicious, creamy, yumminess nestled in a perfectly buttery graham cracker crust. Service was awesome, our waiter was very charming, knowledgeable and accommodating.”–Lauren L.


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