Well, that was my last post of…over 400 posts in a year!! That is absolutely insane to me. I started National Food Days in New York City as a writing exercise, getting my regimen in of writing something every day, and I definitely got that done! Plus, I loved the idea of the national food holidays calendar, that every day has something special to celebrate, dishes and foods from all over the world. And New York City will always be my love, my hometown, even if I’m no longer living there. Blending all three of those elements together in this blog was a bit daunting at times, but always challenging, and always fun.

Thank you to everyone who has visited this blog over the past year–over 16,000 views! I never believed so many people would want to read about National Fried Chicken Day! lol. And especially for all the follows, the likes, the comments, and just all the support for this blog. It’s meant so much to me. I hope everyone keeps coming back to the National Food Holidays in NYC blog for suggestions on what places to eat and celebrate in 2013!

I haven’t decided what I want to write for next year–if I want to do a daily blog at all, or what the topic would be. I’ve gotten a few suggestions (making one national food holiday food per week has been one that’s doable!) and I’ll see what I want to try out. I’d love to keep this blog going with content that all my followers will love and enjoy–let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions! What would you like to see from this blog as we head into 2013?

This has been an amazing writing journey for me…so thank you all, and have a very happy new year!