I’m sure we’ve all had quite a bit of chocolate candies during this holiday season…but what’s just a few more on National Chocolate Candy Day? It is a day to celebrate, after all 😉 There’s no strict definition for what chocolate candy can be–nearly anything that’s made out of chocolate can also be considered candy, like chocolate bars, truffles, bonbons, and the ever-popular chocolate Santas (there may still be some available in the Christmas candy clearance aisle!) We’ve had a lot of chocolate candy holidays in the calendar, and this is the last day to celebrate chocolate in the whole year–so get to it! Here’s a list of all the chocolate candy days that have preceeded today; try out one of these recommended chocolate shops for a great specific chocolate candy!

January 3 – Cherry-Filled Chocolates Day
February 14 – Creme-Filled Chocolates Day
February 25 – Chocolate-Covered Nuts Day
March 24 – Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
April 21 – Chocolate Covered Cashew truffles Day
May 2 – National Truffles Day

In the great culinary city of New York, there is absolutely no shortage of gourmet chocolate shops to taste some of the best chocolate candies in the world. Some of the most highly-acclaimed chocolatiers on the planet have satellite shops in New York City, if not their flagship stores like Jacques Torres and Vosges Haut-Chocolat. I’ve already highlighted some of the best chocolate shops all throughout the year, but even with a ton of chocolate candy holidays sprinkled throughout the calendar, I still couldn’t hit all of the best there is. (That just goes to show you, there’s more great chocolate in New York than you think!) Here are some other great shops to test out their chocolate candies this holiday season!

We’ve highlighted the gourmet food shops inside the world-famous Bloomingdale’s department store before: Forty Carrots, the frozen yogurt shop that’s been selling high-quality fro-yo since before it was cool, was highlighted on National Frozen Yogurt Day and is considered one of the most original and best places to snag a scoop in the city. But for chocolate candy, you’ve got to head to the sixth floor of the building and try out Martine’s Chocolates. They make the best quality chocolate truffles here by hand, with all “real” chocolate (with actual cocoa solids and butter! Imagine that!) Their most popular chocolate is the “butterfly,” a rich chocolate candy with pralines for wings and served with fresh whipped cream. The chocolates are definitely pricey here, but, as with anything you’ll buy at Bloomie’s, the high quality is worth the cost.

Martine’s Chocolates
1000 3rd Ave, 6th Fl


“Some of these exceptionally rich Belgian creations can take up to three days to make. What to try: Chocolate “Butterfly” filled with hazelnut praline and fresh whipped cream.”–New York Magazine

“Martine’s Chocolates creates a variety of fresh cream chocolates and truffles. Their delicacies are handmade right in front of their customers with the finest ingredients including Belgian Callebaut couverture chocolate, French butter, fresh American cream. Martine’s is, perhaps, the best place in the city to watch the chocolate-making process. Be sure to take out an order of your favorites in their signature pink boxes for a friend.”–Enduring Wanderlust

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Their chocolates are as good as any I have ever had in Paris or Belgium (save the truffles at jean charles rochoux!). Actually, I should revise my previous statement. Their normal chocolates are delicious, but not magical. What really makes them special are their fresh cream chocolates, which melt in your mouth like a cloud. And yes, I have had clouds in my mouth, so I know exactly what that tastes like. Not all of their chocolates have fresh cream, so if you get a box, I would suggest filling it with as many of these as possible.”–Kelsey E.

“Listen closely. This is the best chocolate you will ever eat. Maison du Chocolat. Jacques Torres. Debauve & Gallais. The lesser but still delicious Teuscher, Godiva. None of them hold a candle to Martine’s. Miniature pianos filled with caramel. Fresh whipped cream with no preservatives hand-pumped into dark chocolate shells. Coffee tinged cream inside beautiful hearts. If you love fresh, high-quality chocolate, this is your spot.”–Emily R.


Some of the prettiest chocolate candies in all of New York come out of Mariebelle Fine Chocolates, a SoHo chocolate shop that makes their little squares of fine chocolate into works of art. Their signature chocolates, which come in a variety of unusual flavors, all have multicolored art and designs on their tops, ranging in everything from Impressionist-like watercolor scenes to abstract Pollack-ish line designs. But the chocolate isn’t just great to look at: it’s delicious to taste, too. Different flavorings like cardamom, mango, espresso, and whiskey are all available in the store, so don’t think you’re limited just to white, milk, and dark. (Not that there’s anything wrong with white milk and dark chocolate!) Order a box of these dainty chocolates to go, or, if you make it here on a Wednesday night, check out their free live jazz music while munching on some chocolate candies and sipping a mug of Aztec hot chocolate.

Mariebelle Fine Chocolates
484 Broome St (between Wooster St & Broadway)


“The signature chocolates are topped with quirky, colorful designs, like jade green swirls, blue-and-white Mondrianesque checks, and silhouetted figures against yellow or lavender backgrounds. But don’t let the whimsy stop you from taking this chocolate seriously. The pieces have a good couverture-to-filling ratio, the thin coating snapping away to reveal intensely flavored doses of ganache. Some of the best are flavored with spices, like the cardamom and cinnamon chocolates; there are also several fruit-based choices like mango, coconut, and lemon.”–New York Magazine

“MarieBelle doesn’t manufacture chocolate. They create works of art. The most aesthically pleasing on the list, MarieBelle’s chocolates will satisfy all of your senses. Their traditional blue boxes are the perfect gift for a loved one. Each box is filled with a sampling of their finest work. MarieBelle also has entertainment on Wednesday nights. Visitors will enjoy Jazz In The Chocolate Factory at their Madison Avenue location.”–Enduring Wanderlust

“All their chocolates were whimsical in terms of patterns and the flavors were nicely balanced. I adored the pistachio white chocolate bark for some reason. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate to eat by itself but the sweetness and lightness of the white chocolate complimented the whole pistachios so well that it’s very enjoyable. If you crave a very good, luscious cup of hot chocolate, you should go to Mariebelle. Their beautifully packaged chocolates are something you can get for your significant other or for yourself.”–The Wandering Eater

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Found this place when my cousin and I were doing a scavenger hunt we purchased off group on. This place was one of the last destinations we had, and oh boy it was the cherry on top of a fabulous exploration of SoHo. The chocolate here is AMAZING. I love how they have samples laying around, and everyone who works there knows their stuff! Definitely pricey stuff, but you pay for taste and decor. The little cocoa bar is the cutest. My cousin and I could not resist taking pictures of all the different areas. We got fondue and strawberry crepes. It was delicious to say the least. When I get a little bit more moolah in the bank Im going to buy a box of chocolates from here and savor every single piece!”–Nisha G.

“I love chocolate – hot chocolate, chocolate desserts, chocolate covered strawberries – you name it. MarieBelle is my hub, I feel like a kid in a candy store every time but with fine chocolates instead. I found this place on accident one day when it was raining and I needed shelter without an umbrella in pouring Soho and I couldn’t be more thankful I did. The store is adorable and the chocolates are incredible. It’s not cheap but they do have sales on gilt taste sometimes and they ship anywhere. To give you an idea, a 25 piece box of chocolates is $60. The presentation is beautiful, each chocolate looks like a piece of fine art with intricate designs and exotic ganache fillings like passionfruit, champagne, saffron and cardamom. They come in a hand-made box and make really nice gifts. The store has a front room where they sell chocolate, teas, small items etc and then the back room is a cacao bar and tea salon. You feel like you’ve left bustling NYC and entered some chic town in Europe.”–Sasha H.


It’s a little bit of a misnomer to say that L.A. Burdick is one of the best new chocolate shops in the city. Technically, the Burdicks have been around New York for almost my entire life! The Burdick couple started their chocolate candy business back in 1987, but they only sold their wares wholesale to restaurants. After earning a stylish reputation among the culinary community, they moved their operations to a factory in New Hampshire, but in 2009 came back to New York with a storefront and a ton of great chocolates and confections in hand. Their shop and cafe on East 20th Street offers a beautiful atmosphere and a mean mug of rich hot chocolate. But the chocolate candies are the goodies that kept L.A. Burdick at the top of the confection game for so long, and now brings everyday customers in (and has them coming back for more!) Chocolate bonbons in adorable animal shapes like penguins and mice are a hit with restaurateurs and gift-givers alike. Pick up a New Year’s gift for your party host full of white chocolate mice–that, although they look harmless and pedestrian, pack a chocolate ganache filling with flavors like Earl Grey and lemon pepper…anything but ordinary. These are definitely not your everyday chocolate candies!

L.A. Burdick
5 E 20th St


“The 2009 opening of this Gramercy chocolate caf was a homecoming of sorts for Larry and Paula Burdick, who started a wholesale business in Red Hook in 1987 (their top customer was David Bouley) before moving the factory to New Hampshire. The excellence of Burdick’s hand-formed bonbons—such as the signature mice, available in dark, milk and white chocolate and filled with a sophisticated ganache that’s whipped with orange juice, espresso, and cinnamon with port wine, respectively—seduced us years ago.”–Time Out New York

“Signature chocolate mice (and penguins too) share a case toward the back with à la carte squares in interesting flavors like Earl Grey and lemon pepper, while packaged chocolate bars and other goodies overwhelm at a central island. Small tables line a wooden bench that runs the length of the dining area. Pastries are excellent, even chocolate-free ones, such as the crumbly linzer torte filled with tangy raspberry jam and topped with sweet whipped cream, but those jonesing to sample the cocoa wares can stick to a self-styled chocolate tasting that includes four bonbons.”–New York Magazine

“I love going in there because it seems like everyone inside emanates happiness (who wouldn’t be, when you’re surrounded with such alluring treats); I look around and people are all smiling and jovial. In spite of the long lines, the crowded little tables, and the fairly expensive prices, the store draws in fellow chocolate aficionados, and keeps us captivated with bonbons and truffles and adorable chocolate penguins.”–Confessions Of A Chocoholic

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“After several years of being a loyal online consumer to the LA Burdick box selections, it’s a treat to visit a store location and indulge in all the rich offerings of a self-seletion case and café. Their chocolates are dainty in size, a few nibbles at most, but they are refined with robust flavors including saffron, chartreuse, scotch, earl grey, lemongrass, honey, pear, and more. They also have charming novelty pieces built of delicate almond slivers (mice, penguins, and seasonal bees, snowman, rabbits …). The most amazing piece I’ve had from their case (and arguably from anywhere) is the Pavé Glacé. These are melt-in-your-mouth cubes of ground hazelnuts, saffron, chocolate covered in a layer of powdered cocoa. They could make a scene. So worth it.”–K. O.

“An amazing chocolate shop with unique items like chocolate mice, chocolate bees and traditional desserts. The hot chocolate can be made with milk and dark chocolate which is so darn tasty! Lots of shops in the area, a great break from shopping to stop here and get a bit to eat and purchase some chocolate. The owner, Paula is a doll, please stop by if looking for something unique and yummy!!”–Rosemary N.


Make sure you check out the updated NYC Food Holidays Map to find this most recent holiday!