Well, here’s a refreshing holiday! And maybe something a little different from the holiday egg nog everyone’s starting to partake in this month 😉 Slightly more specific than Drink Beer Day in September, today is National Lager Day, celebrating the humble lager beer. What makes lager different from all other beers is that it’s fermented and stored at low temperatures–making it the perfect beer to enjoy in the winter months! Whether a mild-tasting pale lager or a robuster, more alcoholic dark lager, lagers are the most widely-consumed style of beer in the world. So get with the crowd and order a lager today!

There are quite a few breweries within the city limits of New York–not surprising, considering the industrial history of the city, and the general populace’s fondness for beer! The most famous New York brewery is, arguably, Brooklyn Brewery, who makes every type and flavor of beer in their Williamsburg facility and ships it to stores and bars all over the world. But there are many other hometown breweries and microbreweries around to enjoy a pint of lager today. Although its name and the many restaurant locations of the Heartland Brewery may lead you to believe it’s a corporate chain, it’s actually a very successful restaurant and brewing business centered right here in New York! All of their beers are produced in a facility in Fort Greene, and distributed to their 7 locations around the city. With over 15 different varieties of beer made from fresh, flavorful, seasonal ingredients, Heartland Brewery is a great place to kick back with a meal and a few friends and discover your favorite brew. They have two lagers available for you to try today: the Cornhusker lager, a sweet lager made (obviously) with corn in the mix, and the seasonal Bavarian Black, darker and richer than the Cornhusker with chocolate and caramel malts. Both of them sound fantastic, but to really get the spirit of winter-cold brewed lagers, I’d definitely try the Bavarian Black, which is only available during mid-October to January.

Heartland Brewery
various locations


“Not only has Heartland survived the crash-and-burn death of the microbrew trend, it continues to serve some of the tastiest homegrown beers this side of the East River. Along with the six classics on tap (Cornhusker Lager, Harvest Wheat, Red Rooster Ale, Indiana Pale Ale, Indian River Light and Farmer Jon’s Oatmeal Stout), Heartland features seasonal flavors like Summertime Apricot Ale and Stumbling Buffalo Brown Ale. For $16.50, you can buy a half-gallon jug filled with your beer of choice and tote it home to share with a friend.”–New York Magazine

“Next up was the Cornhusker Lager with its clear golden color and subtle carbonation. Wheat and cereal revealed itself on the nose. This beer smelled very much like fresh corn flakes. On the mouth, there was a slight creaminess and the medium bodied beer finished easily and sweet. This might be the most aptly named beer on the docket – really made me feel like I was out in the fields (in a good way, of course).”–Eat This NY

“BAVARIAN BLACK LAGER: A dark, rich black lager with ruby highlights. The smooth, clean finish evens out chocolate and caramel malts.”–Gotham Magazine

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“I had a pint of the Cornhusker Lager and was solidly impressed. I wasn’t sure what sweet corn flavor in beer would be like, but it worked well. Very balanced and not overwhelming flavor. One of the better craft beers that I’ve had.”–Derek B.

“The meal was great. We tried the jalapeno poppers as our app(btw extremely spicy lol), veggie burger and fish &chips, both very awesome. The beer was outstanding. Spent some time at the bar after and tried the Smiling Pumpkin Ale, Bavarian Dark Lager, and the Raspberry Cider. All three definitely delivered. Great place to start off a fun night.”–Trecia Bianca R.


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