You may have already gotten stuffed on turkey, pumpkin pie, and all the fixin’s from yesterday, but there’s still a world a’turnin’, and there’s still national food holidays to celebrate! And even if you gorged yourself on cranberry sauce yesterday, it still doesn’t count towards today’s national holiday: Eat A Cranberry Day! Cranberries are a popular berry fruit in North America mostly for the things you can make out of them: cranberry muffins, bread, cranberry sauce, and that entire large shelf of cranberry juice you see in the grocery store. The berries themselves, however are very sour and bitter, and it’s really not pleasant to eat one just by itself, and raw to boot. I don’t really know why the holiday suggests that you simply eat a cranberry today, but I’ve got some other suggestions that will taste a whole lot better!

If you still haven’t gotten enough of Thanksgiving food–and your parents didn’t send you back home with leftovers–head to Lassen & Hennigs in Brooklyn Heights for your turkey fix. They’ve got the quintessential day-after-Thanksgiving meal all ready for you: the turkey sandwich. But their version, called the Cranberry Park, is more than just dried old turkey bits between two pieces of bread; it’s almost like eating an entire Thanksgiving meal rolled into one sandwich. The Cranberry Park combines turkey breast, hot bread stuffing, and cranberry sauce onto a roll–if you asked for anything more, they might drop on a dollop of pumpkin pie mix for good measure. The stuffing keeps the turkey breast moist, while the cranberry sauce gives the sandwich the extra sweet and sour touches that make it extraordinary. If you can shove any extra food into that holiday belly of yours, the Cranberry Park should be it.

Lassen & Hennigs
114 Montague St (between Hicks St & Henry St), Brooklyn Heights

“Traditional Thanksgiving sandwiches are quite elusive in Kings County ever since Union Picnic and Boerum Hill Food Company, two establishments known for their versions, both closed up shop several years ago. Fortunately, Lassen & Hennigs, a non-descript, Brooklyn Height’s deli that’s been around for over sixty years, offers their Cranberry Park sandwich year round. Made with turkey breast, hot bread stuffing, and cranberry sauce (they’ll even put gravy on it if you ask), the sandwich hits all the key components right down to the unavoidable messiness. Ingredients are top-notch by deli standards, particularly the notably juicy turkey. The Cranberry Park may be one of Brooklyn’s best-kept sandwich secrets.”–Brooklyn Exposed

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“Going to a deli is never really my idea of an amazing lunch experience, but this is probably the best deli I have ever been to. The reason is that most usually have a funky smell, substandard food, and so-so service. No Lassen & Hennings. I am a little bit obsessed with the Cranberry Park on a whole wheat roll which consists of turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. Many other places try to pull off such a combination, but Lassen gets the ratio just right.”–Daniel C.

“Lassen and Hennings is a gracious cheap date night spot. On a nice evening, go to this ordinary looking deli with extraordinary food. The Thanksgiving Day sandwich (I think it has a different name, but you get the point: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce) is the best sandwich out there. I die and am reborn every time I eat it. Get your food, pick up an iced tea, get something from the bakery section (the cheesecakes are surprisingly good), and head down to the Brooklyn promenade. Find an empty bench for you and your date, enjoy your delicious food as you watch the sunset over downtown Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.”–Yianni G.


If sweets are more your thing–and you had enough turkey yesterday to tide you over until next November!–then you might want to get a slice of cranberry bread to satisfy your hunger today. Iris Cafe, just a few blocks away from Lassen & Hennigs, is another cafe and sandwich shop that can satisfy your residual Thanksgiving cravings today for lunch. But instead of offering plain rolls for their turkey, they serve smoked turkey breast on homemade cranberry pecan toast. The sweetness of the pecans comes through in this toast and blends really well with the tartness of cranberries. The bread itself is whole-grain, and most of all, delicious. You may not even need your turkey breast for this one: just order a simple salad to apologize to your stomach for the damage you inflicted last night, and a side order of this amazing cranberry pecan bread.

Iris Cafe
20 Columbia Pl (between Atlantic Ave & State St), Brooklyn Heights

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“Came here today for brunch and had the smoked turkey and cheddar sandwich on whole grain, cranberry-pecan bread. Wow, they had me at cranberry. The bread was warm and toasty and freakin’ delicious; just the right amount of mayo; fresh, yummy red-leaf lettuce; tasty pickle.”–Marina P.

“Today, I got the ham sandwich which seemed to have small pickles in it. They ran out of whole wheat toast which is how it’s usually made and the waitress suggested I try it on cranberry bread. That sounded like an odd pairing and I said so (nicely) and the waitress said, “Haven’t you ever had a ham sandwich with jelly on it?” Can’t say that I have. Anyway, I felt like living life on the edge (heh, heh) so I got the ham sandwich on cranberry bread and it was INCREDIBLE. Really.”–Danielle C.


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