Not for nothing, but we’ve had a lot of national food holidays celebrating fudge. Not just the chocolate stuff you pour over an ice cream sundae, fudge is a mixture of sugar, butter, and milk, with a flavoring additive that makes it taste like…well, like a super-sweet version of whatever you want it to taste like 😉 That’s why we’ve had so many fudge holidays, because there are so many different options when weighing your fudge selection. So far we’ve celebrated Nutty Fudge and Penuche Fudge and just plain ol’ Fudge Day …so it comes as no surprise that peanut butter fudge also deserves its own special fudge day!

Instead of getting a straight block of peanut butter fudge for today’s holiday, try out Georgetown Cupcake’s PB Fudge cupcake. One of their special flavors, PB Fudge is a Valrhona chocolate cupcake, only the highest quality, with a fudge core and topped with a peanut butter frosting. The best of all worlds! This cupcake behemoth, with locations in Washington, DC, Boston, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and right here in SoHo, knows just what they’re doing with their large selection of interesting cupcake and frosting combinations. The PB Fudge is a “special” flavor, one that is only readily available on weekends. Unfortunately, today is not a weekend, obviously, but if you ask them really nicely, you may find a PB Fudge cupcake in your future 🙂

Georgetown Cupcake
111 Mercer St (between Spring St & Prince St)

“Georgetown Cupcake is the newest of all the cupcake shops on our list, and they’re one of the best. The endless waits outside the original DC location are easily understood after that first bite. Don’t miss the Peanut Butter Fudge (pictured), a dense chocolate cupcake made with Valrhona chocolate. At the center is a supple fudge core that’s reason enough alone to eat this cupcake. Fluffy peanut butter frosting and dark chocolate fudge drizzles to finish.”–Serious Eats

“My cake this time was moister and more flavorful, plus it came through a lot more with the more neutral PB frosting. I liked just how real the PB frosting tasted—it wasn’t overly sweet, and it left me feeling like I ate actual PB. I just didn’t think it was as bold as the vanilla, which I feel adds more complexity to the cupcake.”–The Food Buster

“Let’s face it…almost everyone loves peanut butter, and especially on desserts, so naturally I could not, not get this cupcake. Combining a classic valrhona chocolate dough with an airy peanut butter mousse on top as the frosting, it was simple and nostalgic. While it didn’t need much else to add to it, I think fresh slices of banana may be a nice suggestion, as I thought it needed something to cut that richness.”–

“We ate the peanut butter fudge cupcake there. It was surprisingly delicious. The cupcake itself was Valrhona chocolate with a fudge core. The peanut butter frosting was intensely flavored, and topped with a drizzle of fudge. The entire thing was moist, fragrant, and, to our delight, not too sweet. Even my mother, who does not like cupcakes, frosting, or Georgetown Cupcake in general, was impressed.”–The Foodie Next Door

Some reviews from

“The vanilla & chocolate (I had to look this up to check that this was the correct name) had a chocolate icing that definitely tasted like it was made from quality ingredients. It was very rich and actually rather bitter. The PB Fudge tasted like peanut butter cream pie with a nice fudge center. The chocolate in this cupcake was not bitter like the chocolate in the vanilla & chocolate cupcake, and the peanut butter icing was quite fluffy.”–Erica L.

“Peanut Butter Fudge: If you are a Reese’s peanut butter fan, definitely get this cupcake. I LOVED the Fudge star drizzle- very decadant!”–Alice L.


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