Don’t be alarmed by the fancy French sounding name! The soup known as vichyssoise is a soup that consists of pureed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock. It’s a very simple soup that is mild in flavor, smooth and creamy from the potatoes and cream, and can be served hot or cold. The most interesting thing about vichyssoise is that it’s not French at all! The idea of mixing potato and leeks into a soup has been around since…well, since potatoes and leeks have been around, lol, but vichyssoise was created right here in New York City in 1917. Louis Diat, a French chef working at the Ritz-Carlton, made a leek and potato soup he remembered from his childhood, pureed it, and added cold milk to serve it cool. He named the soup after Vichy, a town close to his hometown in France, and the vichyssoise–and the myth that the soup was created in France–was born.

You can’t get a good bowl of vichyssoise–or any kind of food, for that matter–at the Ritz-Carlton anymore, but the tradition of potato leek soup in New York City lives on at the Sandwich House. Surprisingly enough, the Sandwich House makes some impeccable soups, including corn chowder, chickpea soup, and a potato leek soup. While it may not be pureed to a creamy perfection like a vichyssoise, or have the chicken stock and cream added to the mix (the potato leek soup is vegetarian here!), the Sandwich House does not disappoint when you’re in the Financial District looking for a good, warm bowl of soup on a cold day.

The Sandwich House
17 Ann St (between Broadway & Vesey St)

Some reviews from

“I sometimes work near here, and while I don’t usually enjoy the job, the chance to eat lunch at Sandwich House for a week or so makes it bearable. I invariably get a variation on their daily special: a half-sandwich and a small soup. Despite the name of the place, the soups are actually my favorite. Lots of great vegetarian options like Carrot Squash, and Potato Leek. The sandwiches of course are also excellent. Service is extremely friendly and fast.”–Kyle G.

“LOVE LOVE LOVE the potato leek soup. Yum yum!! 😀 Other than the soup, I’ve had the mozzarella sandwich which was pretty decent. Their salads are pretty good too. For a healthy option, I usually stop by here which is definitely a nice break from all the greasy fast food joints in the FiDi area.”–Lily H.


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