Show off your bundt!

I feel like a country home–or even a hipster-level ironically humble home–isn’t complete without the copper-colored metal bundt cake pan hanging up on the kitchen wall. A ring-shaped cake mold that originated with German immigrants in Wisconsin, the pan makes a bundt cake, famous for its spongy texture and signature shape. A bundt cake is defined by its shape, not its ingredients or flavor, so you can make one just about any way you like: hell, even make a no-bake bundt cheesecake if you can manage to get it out of the pan! They were hugely popular in the 1960s and 70s, becoming the most-sold baking pan in the United States, the cakes a hit at dinner parties. There’s even a bundt cake pan in the Smithsonian!

Nowadays, you more than often see bundt cake pans as decoration and kitsch instead of something you’d actually cook in, but you can still get a good bundt cake in New York City if you know where to look. And you definitely have to look for Betty Bakery in Boerum Hill for one of the best bundts in New York. Her Lemon Bundt Cake was picked as Bon Appetit’s ten best cakes in all of the city to buy, for its spongy, sweet cake base and its double-lemon glaze. Topped with white icing and candied lemon peels, it’s perfect for a small party or gathering. Head to the Bed, Bath & Beyond on your way home with the cake and pick up an aluminum bundt cake pan to boot–maybe you can trick your guests into thinking you baked this delicious little cake by yourself 😉

Betty Bakery
448 Atlantic Ave (between Bond St & Nevins St)

“It’s the super-moist 7-inch cake, not the bundt, you want at this little Brooklyn shop. They’re both good, but the littler cake really soaks in the double lemon glaze that chef Cheryl Kleinman applies to its top. It’s prettier, too, thanks to a doily and a shaking of powdered confectioner’s sugar.”–Bon Appetit

Some reviews from

“Do yourself a favor and buy the lemon bundt cake!!!! It is absolutely amazing! I have purchased it for a few dinner parties, and every one of my friends has absolutely raved about how delicious/moist/light/refreshing the lemon cake is! Not only does it look adorable with it’s white icing and candied lemon peels, it literally tastes delightful!! Any time I have an event or holiday in which I want to bring a baked good and don’t have the time to bake, Betty Bakery is my go-to-spot!”–Kayla C.

“Betty is yum. It has taken me awhile to get on board with this bakery– when it first opened, the muffins and scones were a bit of a disappointment, and I was under the impression that the store was more of a vehicle for showcasing the bakery’s wedding cakes (which I have to say, look amazing). But in the past few months, it seems like they’ve stepped it up on the treats, and I am a Betty convert. Not only are the pies and bundt cakes super tasty and great quality, but they are also really well-priced, particularly compared to the other bakeries and patisseries in brownstone brooklyn.”–Lisa J.


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