Nachos are the best! Whether it’s a fully decked-out plate filled with salsa, beans, and sour cream, or just a bit of cheese melted on top of some Tostitos, nothing makes a gathering into a real party like nachos. The creation of nachos is attributed to a Mexican restaurant owner who threw the dish together with the remaining ingredients in his kitchen at the end of the day. He called it “Nacho’s especiales,” or Nacho’s special, and the name eventually stuck–the nacho was born! You can put basically anything in a plate of nachos, just as long as it has tortilla chips topped with cheese and other ingredients. Popular add-ins are black beans, tomato salsa, jalapeno slices, sour cream, and guacamole. How do you like your nachos?

With that large amount of leeway in terms of variety you can certainly get a few wild versions of nachos out there–especially in the ever-creative New York City restaurant circle! But one of the most celebrated plates of nachos in the city is really out-there. Sure, Taco Bell offers ground beef atop their plates of Nachos Supreme, but have you ever thought about adding…short ribs? Chef Julian Medina of Coppelia has! Coppelia’s Cuban-influenced nachos include an order of beef short ribs stacked atop a veritable mountain of home-fried tortilla chips, Chihuaha cheese, black beans, and sliced jalapenos. The best part about Coppelia is that it’s open 24-hours! This is perfect for its location–right on 14th Street and 8th Avenue. Head over here when you’re through with clubbing for the night and chow down on some of the best nachos around!

207 W 14th St (at 7th and 8th ave)

“Chef Julian Medina takes nachos to another level at Coppelia, his Cuban-influenced, diner-style eatery on W. 14th St. Served with Chihuaha cheese, black beans, jalapeño, and the kicker — beef short ribs — Medina’s $8.95 combo is a nacho lover’s dream. Grab a table in one of the front windows, or sit at the bar to enjoy your nachos with one of the venue’s signature cocktails, like Mojito Classic or Margarita Cubana.”–New York Daily News

“Few serious chefs turn their attention to the humble nacho, which is why we were thrilled to see Julian Medina give the beloved snack a permanent spot on the menu at his 24-hour Latin diner. Here, the toque bucks the bigger-is-better approach favored by so many bars and Tex-Mex joints, instead offering a more composed take on the dish. Sturdy house-fried tortilla chips hold up under the upgraded toppings: tender pieces of braised short ribs, melty Chihuahua cheese and chunky guacamole, all finished off with a flourish of bright pico de gallo and crema.”–Time Out New York

“One of our favorite things here, we’ve ordered the nachos every time we’ve come. Made with chihuahua cheese, black beans, jalapeño and chopped beef short ribs, this is fun for the whole table.”–Immaculate Infatuation

“Coppelia is the new Cuban 24-hour diner close to the Meatpacking district that might be serving the best nachos in New York. Crispy homemade chips, topped with beef short rib, guacamole, and rare Chihuaha cheese make this a dish to not be missed, especially late at night.”–CBS New York

“Coppelia offers full brunch and dinner menus—so just spend the day! We started off a Saturday with delicious Watermelon Juice ($5.50) and Guacamole ($7.95) enlivened by a lot of lime and fresh red onion, with plantain, boniato and corn chips for scooping. Nachos ($8.95) served as a festive dish with meaty short ribs, black beans and chihuaha cheese. Hold the jalapeños, please!”–Next Magazine

Some reviews from

“First up was the $8.95 Nachos which had a hefty topping of Chihuahua cheese, black beans, jalapeno, guacamole and chopped beef short ribs (see photo). It was deliciously savory, but we all wished we had more of those thick crispy chips with the order since there was so much to scoop up. We also tried the $8.95 Mac & Chicharron, which sounded promising on the menu but turned out to be underwhelming with its Kraft-like milkiness over-moistening the crispy bits of pork belly chicharron. The pork rind and scallion topping helped though( see photo). Carlos ordered the very satisfying $9.95 Huevos Coppelia, which was really a Cuban twist to Eggs Benedict.”–Ed U.

“Really excellent Cuban food in this diner setting. The nachos with short rib meat and red sangria are a great way to start the meal. I really enjoyed the shredded pork which goes very well with the yucca underneath it.”–Andrew D.


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