Sorry about the missing post from yesterday, folks! I’ve been out of power since 7PM on Monday because of Hurricane Sandy, so getting to the blog posts were a little far from my mind 😛 I hope everyone is safe and sound!

Some people–my boyfriend included–absolutely LOVE this day. To them, the fall heralds the coming of Brach’s famous sugary autumn treat, candy corn. The stuff of Halloween legend and Lewis Black comedy routines (who even makes candy corn? Does it spontaneously materialize sometime in October?), candy corn is made primarily of sugar, corn syrup, wax, and artificial colors–so, yes, the slightly waxy texture of these fake corn kernels is, in fact, an indication that you’re eating wax. 😛 Typically, candy corn is three different bands of colors on each kernel, which are typically white, yellow, and orange, but can also include red, brown, and green (and can also be pumpkin-shaped!) You wouldn’t think such a simple candy that doesn’t have any chocolate, powdered sugar, or extra flavorings would sell so well, but it’s reported that 20 million pounds of candy corn are sold each year. That’s enough to circle the Earth over 4 times! I’m not a huge fan of candy corn, but I can’t even try to deny how popular it is as an autumn treat.

While you can get candy corn just about anywhere that sells candy this month, the stuff you’ll find in Brachs bags aren’t all that special. (Unless you absolutely live for candy corn, and then you’re in the money this season!) I’m not a huge fan of the original stuff, so I went looking for some unique New York alternatives. And what I found was so very New York, I’m surprised it hasn’t become a city-wide sensation! The specialty pastry business Stuffed Artisan Cannolis, currently a company without a storefront but a fantastic food cart, makes exactly what the name suggests: unique, artisan cannolis with flavors that go far beyond chocolate and pistachio. With the same dense, creamy ricotta impastata filling of a traditional cannoli, owners Anthony Fontana and Brielle Dahan whip up interesting combinations that you’ve never heard of sitting inside a cannoli shell before–but when you do, you scratch your head and wonder, why did no one think of this awesome combo before?! Great flavors like pumpkin pie, birthday cake, and almond love joy are on the list of the rotating cannoli menu, but the one to really stand out today is their seasonal candy corn. Super-sweet and dotted with tiny little candy corns, this is the perfect treat for someone looking to celebrate Candy Corn Day without having to buy a whole bag of Brachs.

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis

“Although Stuffed boasts 30 flavors, their best is the classic: a whipped ricotta filling dotted with the crunch of chocolate chips. Other flavors we sampled include Pumpkin Pie, Candy Corn, Birthday Cake, and Pistachio. The Birthday Cake tasted a little artificial, and the Candy Corn, though fun to boot, wasn’t quite distinct enough (unless you bit into one of the candy corn kernels in the filling). But the Pumpkin Pie and Pistachio were both delicious and easily discernible. The tubes are not stuffed to order, as they are in old-school cannoli shops, but the shells manage to stay satisfyingly crunchy in the display cases. Co-owner Anthony Fontana, who grew up going to Rocco’s and Ferrara, says he wants to keep experimenting with flavor combinations. Expect a slew more flavors, including a liquor line, a chocolate line (complete with chili chocolate and bacon chocolate), and a tea line of flavors.”–The Village Voice

Some reviews from

“Absolutely AMAZINGGG!!! I have been a froyo junkie for the past couple of years but this is by far the best treat i have ever had! I was never into cannolis, they were never my first choice when it came to a snack or dessert but Stuffed is so different i get my favorite treats in one! Whether its apple pie, cookies and cream, candy corn, birthday cake or anything else it just takes me to another level i can truly say i am in heaven when i bite into one of these cannolis!”–Allie L.

“The candy corn was pretty good, but the PB and Birthday Cake were stand-outs! They are absolutely delicious! My only complaint is that the cannolis seem to only come in mini size…and they are quite small.”–Violet S.


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