This sounds like a great mix of New York City food, culture, film, and fun! In step with many of the indie film festivals New York has been hosting in recent years, the 6th annual New York City Food Film Festival is being held from today through weekend to October 21st. Created by George Motz, a documentary filmmaker, the Food Film Festival blends the art of documentary filmmaking and the art of culinary creation together, airing films made about food and drink, nutrition, the farm industry, and other related subjects, while holding related events throughout the weekend. The festival prides itself on being a “multi-sensory, full-bodied experience,” holding exclusive food tastings during film screenings and competitions that are sure to whet the film foodie’s appetite. The best part of this festival isn’t even the movies, or the food: proceeds from ticket sales go to benefit the Food Bank of New York City.

Purchase your tickets today! The tickets are all-inclusive for each day and they include all film screenings, food and beverage tastings, and celebrity appearances and events. The Food Film Festival’s webpage assures us that if you show up, you will go home full, so you won’t have to worry about tiny portions of unsavory foods. Events range from a farm-to-table film screening and demonstration (don’t worry, no livestock involved!); Japanese cuisine in New York; films on local eats from Brooklyn hot dogs to Taiwanese shaved ice; and the sensual demonstration on “food porn.” Everything sounds so intriguing…and yummy! Whether you’re a foodie, a film buff, or just looking for a great and interesting night out, the Food Film Festival has something for you.

The New York Food Film Festival
October 17-21