I know that Hoboken is really not New York City, but I’m going to stretch this blog’s scope over the river a little because really, it’s only a PATH ride away from Midtown–faster and cheaper than getting to Brooklyn!–and no one can turn down a garlic festival 😉 This Sunday, combat your hangover with a ton of pungent tastes and aromas at the Hoboken Heirloom Garlic Festival. Locavores understand the importance of heirloom varieties of produce: it opens our eyes and taste buds to different flavor varieties that we may never have seen in a grocery store, and heirloom varieties are hardier and less messed-around-with–genetically or otherwise–than their supermarket counterparts. We’ve been inching towards a better understanding and acceptance of heirloom varieties in produce, from tomatoes to carrots…so why not garlic?

The garlic for the festival comes from Catalpa Ridge Farm in Wantage, NJ, and they’re bringing a ton of heirloom varieties to Hoboken to see, smell–and of course, taste! There are free tastings of garlic dips, infused olive oils, salsa, vinegars, and just bits of the garlic themselves. (Don’t forget to bring breath mints!) You can purchase the heirloom varieties of garlic, as well as an assortment of other vegetables: it’ll support the farm and the continuation of growing original, heirloom produce that’s a dying art in the modern world. So head to the Hoboken Historical Museum today and try out some heirloom garlic, make a difference…and get stinky!

Hoboken Heirloom Garlic Tasting Festival
Sunday, October 14, 1:00-5:00PM
Hoboken Historical Museum
1301 Hudson Street, Hoboken