It’s the dessert cake that’s almost…heavenly. LOL. Angel food cake is one of the lightest cakes around, made of whipped egg whites, super-light cake flour, sugar, and a pinch of cream of tartar–and that’s it! The lightness of its ingredients is sure to make for a super-fluffy, almost lighter-than-air cake that its originators thought was like “food for the angels”–hence its angelic name. Angel food cakes are usually made in a tube or bundt pan shape, and they can be topped with appropriately light frosting (whipped white frosting with a coconut topping comes to mind). But usually, angel food cake is served plain, and eaten with some ice cream (or Cool Whip) and fresh fruits and berries for a sensible dessert. In this sense, it’s almost a “diet” cake, having very little fat and fewer calories than most other cakes, and eaten without the heavy, sugary frostings. So, let’s all be “good” today and celebrate National Angel Food Cake Day!

Not many bakeries in New York City are known for their angel food cake–people tend to pay more attention to the ingenius and interesting, the wacky and weird, than the simplicity of an angel food cake. (And it kinda cancels out the relative healthiness if you added a super-decadent frosting to the cake!) But you can find a great slice–or a whole cake, if you so prefer–at Yura on Madison, a small bake shop on the Upper East Side. Their angel food cakes can be sold by the slice, which is a rare feat for a cake that is so light and fluffy–and thus, doesn’t stay fresh for very long after it’s baked. You can order it covered in a lemon or a chocolate flavored glaze–the perfect topping for a light cake, it doesn’t weigh the cake down at all, and the brightness of the lemon flavor really complements the ambience of angel food (and the chocolate is just plain good!) Yura also offers their angel food in cupcake form, in case you got so into the cupcake craze that the only cakes you eat now have to be single-serving and adorable.

Yura on Madison
1292 Madison Ave (between 91st St & 92nd St)

“I’m always in the mood for angel food cake. I think everyone is. Just try and come up with a scenario where you would say, ” nah man, this situation would be way better without angel food cake. Thanks though!” Hard, right? My main problemo with angel food cake is the fact that I have to buy an entire cake to have some. Well, that is until now. Ready yourself for the absolute best angel food cake, with various flavors, and sold by the slice. POW! That’s how I felt when I walked into Yura on Madison. Individually wrapped slices, coated in delicious chocolate or lemon icing. Not only is the icing perfect, but the cake was everything you could hope for and then some. It’s only $3.25 per slice as well! For the size and quality, it’s a steal.”–Cheap, Best, Hidden

“There’s always an array of prepared foods and baked goods at this café-style restaurant, with seasonal standouts like smoky grilled corn salad with barley and scallions, beet and apple salad and poached salmon with cucumbers and dill. The baked goods really stand out: the angel food cake is light yet filling, and comes drizzled with a zesty lemon or chocolate glaze.”–The Fast Foodie

“Officially a “specialty deli,” Yura offers a wide array of prepared foods, deli classics, and delicious treats that satisfy children, adults, and everyone in between. Perhaps my favorite childhood pleasure was the Angle Food Cupcake – a fluffy moist cake with an exploded crusty top, a choice of lemon or chocolate sauce drizzled over.”–The Young And Hungry

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“I love the scones, so fluffy and buttery. You can choose from chocolate chip, raisin, and sometimes blueberry. The raisin scones are the best in my opinion. They make good angel food cake too. This is one of the few places that sells it and it’s not too sweet, light and airy. It comes either drizzled with lemon glaze or chocolate. I chose chocolate. The glaze is the sweetest part of the cake.”–Melanie T.


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