So I have a story for National Apple Betty Day 😛 When I was a tiny baby, my mom would feed me jars of Gerber baby food, as you do. And I loved a ton of the pureed fruit ones, which my mother was happy for me to eat…except for Apple Brown Betty. I barely got a chance to taste that little jar, because my mom thought it was so delicious, she ate the majority of the little airplane spoonfuls destined for my baby mouth!

That can happen sometimes with a delicious apple baked good–especially when it’s fresh, warm, and made with in-season, local apples. Mmm! You can definitely get that in this season when an Apple Betty. A little like a crumble or cobbler, an apple betty is a casserole dessert made without a bottom pie crust, just a crumble of butter, flour, and sugar atop a bed of delicious peeled and sliced apples. It’s one of those dishes that works even better when it’s rustic and messy, because then it gives it the authentic feel of coming straight out of grandma’s oven.

While it’s not rustic or messy or baked by anyone’s grandmother, Smith & Wollensky does a bang-up job of offering an apple betty you can really enjoy. These personal-sized crumbles are baked to order, and come out warm straight from the oven, served with a warm vanilla caramel sauce for extra richness. Most steakhouses put all their emphasis on the meat of their menus–pun intended–and don’t pay much attention to the sweet treat at the end of a meal that everyone’s looking to enjoy. But Smith & Wollensky definitely delivers here, and if you get a hankering for a big steak dinner tonight, make sure the apple betty is on your order to perfectly end the night.

Smith & Wollensky
797 3rd Ave (between 49th St & 50th St)

Some reviews from

“The food (oysters, 3 filet mignons, 2 calamaris, 1 caesar salad, 1 side of steamed asparagus, 1 side of creamed spinach, 1 deep dish apple betty, 1 cheesecake and 1 pecan pie) this Sunday evening was also pretty average, aside from the creamed spinach which I thought was amazing and used it as a dip for my medium well steak and the steamed asparagus. The calamari was also fried to perfection with light, crisp breading and I wish I had room at the end of the meal to finish my entire deep dish warm apple betty because it was so divine.”–Crissy W.

“On to dessert. I went with the hot apple betty. If you work at Smith & Wollensky and are reading this, I highly recommend you swap out the vanilla sauce you paired with it, and put some vanilla ice cream instead since I love the hot/cold combination. Regardless, my dessert was very good and I enjoyed it, but would have loved something cold to go with this hot treat. Like everything else about the restaurant, the dessert was no frills – just a doughey pocket filled with apples, syrup and raisins.”–Laura Z.


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