We’ve had quite our share of custards before: May 5th was National Chocolate Custard Day while August 17th celebrated National Vanilla Custard Day. You’d think, logically, that the third in our custard triumvirate would be strawberry, or something to that reasoning…but instead, it’s caramel! And can you really complain about a holiday that makes you eat caramel custard? Not at all 😉 Custard is a lot like regular puddings, but its main binding component is egg yolk, so the end product is typically richer and thicker than a regular pudding. And while vanilla is the most common flavor for custard (and frozen custard, which tends to be richer than even ice cream), you can get it in all different flavors, including caramel.

Making a caramel custard is very difficult, as the cooking of a custard is a delicate process that takes a lot of experience and skill. Cook it too fast or too hot and those egg yolks curdle into something that’s definitely not sweet and tasty! But you can find a perfectly cooked and delicious caramel custard in the little Brooklyn neighborhood of Vinegar Hill, at the aptly named Vinegar Hill House. Here, they serve a salted caramel custard for dessert, the salt playing with the sweetness of the custard to give the flavor profile a sophisticated depth. It’s served with coconut shortbread cookies, which have a unique flavor to them that’s nothing like the crumbly Walkers cookies. Add a dollop of house-made whipped cream and it’s a sweet treat you’ve just got to taste to believe. Vinegar Hill House has a great all-around menu, but with their trifecta of interesting desserts–popcorn ice cream, Guinness chocolate cake, and this scrumptious salted caramel custard–it’s worth it just to stop by for dessert!

Vinegar Hill House
72 Hudson Ave (between Water St & Front St), Vinegar Hill


“We split the Salted Caramel Custard with coconut shortbread– This was no popcorn ice cream, but really good in its own right. Deeply creamy, intensely flavored custard with light as air fresh whipped cream and buttery coconut shortbread cookies.”>–Not Another NYC Food Blog

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“We were seated immediately in the charming back garden, which was perfect on the first really nice night of the year. We both ordered the chicken two ways, which was good enough to make me not regret ordering the same thing as my dinner companion. For dessert we shared a salted caramel custard – a big highlight of the meal. For someone who generally passes on dessert, this was a perfect salty sweet end to a meal.”–Amy W.

“For dessert, we had to go with the salted caramel custard with house-made whipped cream and shortbread cookies, which rivals most of the desserts I have had as of late.”–Erica J.


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