Today’s a bit of a…mystery to me, in terms of national food holidays. (Okay, “mystery” is a nice term I’m using, lol, because this one makes no sense!) See, way back in March we celebrated Lobster Newburg Day, honoring a dish that was created right here in Manhattan in the 19th century. Featuring lobster fried in butter, simmered in Madeira wine, and served with eggs and hot pepper, it’s a decadent, crazy-sounding dish that works astoundingly well as a whole, and has done so for over 130 years!

But…Crab Meat Newburg? I mean, technically yes, it would work, the same way as Lobster Newburg does. The problem is, no one serves it. I know! You would think that someone in New York would come across the realization that, not only are crabs cheaper than lobster, but substituting them in a Newburg would make for a unique menu dish. Alas, it isn’t meant to be!

But you can try out a full-on seafood Newburg up in the Bronx today, at the Seashore Restaurant & Marina. The pretty area of City Island is the perfect location for a hearty seafood restaurant, and they definitely deliver on their seafood newburg. And the best part about Seashore Restaurant is, the prices for a huge platter of seafood is less than what you’d pay for a lobster appetizer in Manhattan–let alone Delmonico’s Newburg! So don’t be afraid to hop on over to City Island and try out this gem!

Seashore Restaurant & Marina
591 City Island Ave, City Island, Bronx

Some reviews from

“I love lobster but don’t have the patience of a surgeon to extract it from it’s shell so I no longer order. the whole lobster. My current favorite is the seafood newburg with scallops, mussels, clams, shrimp and lobster tails. It’s served with a cream and sherry sauce and I swear I’d eat my own fingers if I dared to dip them in the sauce; it’s so tasty.”–Janet F.


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