Yes, technically, white chocolate isn’t considered “chocolate” by sweets enthusiasts. But I don’t care, I love white chocolate! The thing that makes chocolate, chocolate, is the amount of cocoa solids in the mixture, the main component of cocoa liquor. The process of chocolate-making separates these dark cocoa solids from the colorless, creamy cocoa butter; in making milk and dark chocolate, they are recombined later on in the process. (The more cocoa solids added back into this mixture, the darker, richer, and more expensive your chocolate will be!) White chocolate, on the other hand, does not include any of the cocoa solids–just the cocoa butter. For a lot of staunch foodies, this means that white chocolate isn’t really “chocolate,” just a chocolate derivative. Call it anything you want, I still think it’s delicious 😉 White chocolate has a much milder flavor to it than other chocolates, and, because it’s missing all the cocoa solids, is usually creamier in texture. And, because it has no cocoa solids, it’s the caffeine-free alternative to other chocolates. The best prescription for a sleepy head’s sweet tooth!

Most chocolatiers prefer to spend their time, effort, and expertise on products they actually consider “chocolate,” leaving their white chocolates to be bland and underappreciated. How sad! But not at the relatively new chocolate shop Xocolatti. Locally sourced and produced, Xocolatti makes all their own chocolates in new and surprising flavor combinations, many of which draw inspiration from the East. There are rose cardamom truffles, pomegranate woodbury clusters, and, one of the most popular items, the “slates” of pure flavored chocolates. You can get yourself some exquisite darks and milks here, but Xocolatti excels where other chocolate shops ignore: their white chocolate slate mixes. They mix the mild-flavored white chocolate with bold flavors–like mango and paprika, and rose hips and pistachio–to make a white chocolate experience you’ll never forget. At $25 per half-pound, the price is a little steep for something that the chocolate elite just call a “chocolate by-product,” but Xocolatti is dedicated to proving that moniker wrong, elevating white chocolate to a level of flavor sophistication you’ve never seen before.

172 Prince St (between Thompson St & Sullivan St)

“But our favorite that comes with high recommendation are the Rose Hip Pistachio slates, exotic and tantalizing in every possible way. The fragrant aroma of rose petals and imported Iranian pistachios adorn this delicious base of white and dark chocolate. Upon receipt of shipment, they recommend consuming chocolates within ten days of purchase, although the shelf life of truffles is two weeks and two months for their bars. All products are vegetarian and egg-less.”–The Reviw Connection

“At her just-opened New York store, Shaineal Shah turns out hand-painted truffles in flavors such as caramel-sea salt and Champagne, but her experiments with bark show a real flair for ingredient pairings. White chocolate serves as a canvas for mango and paprika in one iteration, and chunks of pistachio and rose hip in another ($25 for a half pound).”–Tasting Table

Some reviews from

“The owner is nice & makes the chocolates himself. My friend & I had the sake truffle- one of the BEST truffles I’ve ever had. Very smooth & creamy. You can tell the owner knows how to make chocolate & cares about his product. I also tried the mango paprika slate- very creamy white chocolate with delicious mango jelly on top & sprinkled with paprika but not too spicy. Will definitely be back to try more slates.”–Alice L.

“Amazing chocolates! I have had the rose hip pistachio slate and the tiramisu slate. Both were wonderful, the tiramisu tasted just like the real thing, and is on the sweet side. The rose hip pistachio was a wonderful combination of white and dark chocolate and pistachios, not too sweet at all. I recomend the slates because the flavors are great and it is a good portion size, way bigger than a truffle.”–Bloss C.


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