I hate that old stereotype that butterscotch is only for the elderly! Everyone of every age can enjoy a good butterscotch, especially when that flavor is imparted in the creamy, comforting texture of pudding. Maybe a lot of people think that butterscotch pudding is an “old people” food because the flavor of butterscotch is such an old, vintage kind of taste, a flavor that satisfied the sweet tooth long before other complicated candies came about. The original butterscotch candies were made with just butter, brown sugar, and treacle, and were smiliar to English toffee. Butterscotch pudding, however, doesn’t employ these ingredients the same way that real butterscotch does, but you still get that same sweet, buttery, caramel-like flavor to it. It’s time to cast off that stereotype of butterscotch, and try some great pudding for National Butterscotch Pudding Day!

Not a lot of places in New York proudly serve butterscotch pudding, let alone be known for its excellent taste and texture. But Community Food & Juice, an all-organic Morningside Heights restaurant with much more to offer than its name suggests, has been making a name for itself on its homemade butterscotch pudding dessert. This isn’t like your box of My-T-Fine at home: unlike many modern butterscotch puddings that use artificial butterscotch flavoring, Community Food & Juice makes their butterscotch the old fashioned way, soft-cracking the caramelized brown sugar and butter, and folding it into their pudding recipe. The result is a rich and tasty butterscotch pudding like no where else in the city. Be really daring and get both their butterscotch and chocolate puddings for $6 each–and then mix and match for a fantastic pudding experience!

Community Food & Juice
2893 Broadway (between 111th St & 112th St)


“When two people plow through a whole roast chicken ($29) — surrounded by expertly glazed root vegetables and presented in a spitting-hot skillet — it’s nice to know that it was once free-roaming. Not every dish is successful (overcooked turnips carbonara, anyone?). Too many dishes are undersalted and oversweetened with honey or maple syrup, and service can be overly casual. But butterscotch pudding ($6), a sharp lemon-buttermilk tart ($6.50) and — a rare sighting — good espresso ($2.50) make up for a lot.”–The New York Times

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen butterscotch pudding on a menu, but humble, home-style Community gives it pride of place, right next to the chocolate pudding (each $6). It’s nothing like the salty, thin-tasting My-T-Fine packaged puddings that make up most of my butterscotch experience; this thick, caramelly custard is wonderfully rich without being at all cloying. The rest of the desserts are similarly modest and delicious: a baked apple, a lemon tart, a cookie plate.”–New York Sun

“And the butterscotch pudding was a fiendish trapdoor, plunging both me and my guest to unfathomable flavor depths. This stuff is too potent eaten straight; thank goodness for the thick layer of sublime whipped cream serving as fluffy yin embrace for the fierce butterscotchy yang. The un-billed addition of buttery nut brittle cookies were like a final fatal gunshot to the head, but in a good way.”–Jim Leff

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“WOAH! WOW! You have to try this! were a few words uttered from my lips after I spooned the Butterscotch Pudding into my willing mouth at Community Food and Juice. This is not a box mix here folks, it’s the real deal. Butterscotch made from scratch, super rich, super sweet and tasty. It is a dessert that is meant to be shared because of its sweetness. Topped with some peanut brittle and fresh whipped cream it is sure to please your palette.”–Geoffrey B.

“For dessert we had their famous butterscotch pudding and oh my god that was deli. I mean butterscotch pudding is not something super common on most dessert menus and for me it just brings back such nostalgia of yummy childhood desserts…I couldn’t pass it up. To top it off, they sprinkled some delicious peanut butter candy. I am telling you butterscotch and peanut butter are such a surprisingly perfect duo–and I am a chocolate girl!”–Azi F.


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