Once again, you can color me stumped! 😦 While the apple dumpling has a storied past as a beloved baked pastry, I can’t find any restaurant or bakery in New York City that prides itself on their exemplary apple dumplings. We certainly should have one: New Yorkers like to put everything into a dumpling and steam or fry it, from duck to daikon and everything in between. And it’s not like apple dumplings are some kind of obscure food fad: they’ve been around the northeast United States for centuries, originating from the Pennsylvania Dutch. How they never migrated along I-95 is beyond me.

But, National Apple Dumpling Day it is, and I know just the sound of it makes me want to snatch up a fresh, seasonal apple-baked pastry with gooey, cinnamony, apple filling no matter what it’s technically called. Try out Margo Patisserie Cafe in Brooklyn. An old-school bakery that gives you the feel of a small, homey town in the middle of a city that’s anything but. Their pastry tarts are the tops, especially an apple pastry, which includes fresh apples (fall is the season for everything apple!) They may not be prepared like dumplings–where the dough is folded over the apple, sugar, and cinnamon mixture and then baked–but they taste just the same, and are just as delicious.

Margo Patisserie Cafe
667 Driggs Ave (between Metropolitan Ave & Fillmore Pl), Williamsburg

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Picnic breakfast in mccarren park. I love brunch, but some weekends I just want to get up and go. And a yummy latte and a big apple pastry and a blanket. Yummy!!”–Diane M.

“I got an apple pastry, you know, the kind that looks like perhaps a danish with that clear glaze on top? OMFG!!! First off, I hate excessive sugariness, which is what I worry about with that gelatinous glaze you get in a packaged pastry. I’m the kinda gal who scrapes off the icing on birthday cake. Well lemme tell you, this sugary glaze was there just to keep those apples firmly in place, and whatever sugar concoction they used must have been super simple bc it tasted like the lightest sugary gel. And I don’t even like apple pies, because mushy fruit grosses me out. These apple slices were tart and soft, but still a little crispy on the edges, like when you bite into a fresh apple. So super lightly baked, so that the apples were slightly soft but still juicy. And then a cream cheesyness below; also so light and not too rich. The flaky pastry was also just a delicious pillow of yum.”–Jeanne C.


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