All hail the milkshake! This summer we’ve already celebrated the vanilla milkshake back in June, the coffee milkshake in July, and even told you about the fantastic toasted marshmallow milkshake on National Toasted Marshmallow Day. But we haven’t exhausted the milkshake celebrations quite yet! Apparently The Powers That Be left the most popular milkshake for last on the food holidays calendar: chocolate milkshakes! There’s something so special about chocolate milkshakes–made with both chocolate ice cream and chocolate syrup for that one-two punch of chocolateyness. They make you feel like a kid again, like you’re getting away with something. Like you’ve finally found a way to properly drink your chocolate ice cream!

There are a ton of places where you can whet your whistle with a good, cool chocolate milkshake, but the best bet for today is to track down one of the Bareburger locations sprinkled around the city. Originally started in Astoria, Queens, not only is this burger joint all-organic, but they serve strange meats in their burgers that definitely set them apart from the rest of the burger pack–I mean, ostrich burger? It’s enough just to stop in and satisfy your curiosity. And if you wash your burger and fries down with one of their milkshakes, you’ve got it made. Like their burgers, Bareburger’s milkshakes are made with organic milk and ice cream, and include such flavors as vanilla, peanut butter, raspberry, pistachio, and, of course, chocolate. Go the whole nine yards and make a combination milkshake of peanut butter and chocolate–most of their patrons cheer over this combo, calling it a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in a glass. If you feel you can’t do an entire burger, fries, AND a milkshake in one setting, Bareburger also offers little sliders to keep you full and happy. Order a few of those in all their wild burger meats; you’re bound to find one you absolutely love!

33-21 31st Ave, Astoria

“Bareburger has 8 locations throughout the city, with more to come. These shakes are made with organic milk, organic ice cream and other fresh ingredients. Try a traditional vanilla or chocolate shake. The pistachio milk shake is also definitely worth giving a taste!”–Joonbug

“If you feel like experimenting, go with the elk—the others are too dense and dry—though the plain, old chuck trumps the more exotic options by far. Meal-sized salads have their own section, but seem to know their place as second-string and don’t strive to impress. Brunch-time presents the concept of carrot-cake French toast, more appealing in theory than in too-sweet practice. Instead, a meal made of a towering, cheese-oozing burger, a tray of salty fries, and a thick chocolate milkshake or a cold draft beer proves that simple is usually the best.”–New York Magazine

“Treat yourself to a creamy, cool, old fashioned milkshake made from organic milk and ice cream in flavors that include vanilla, peanut butter, chocolate and raspberry. There are all natural sodas, craft beer and wine as well. For a light meal, get some BareBurger sliders to go along with your shake, served three to an order. The “Cubby” meals are a hit with the kids and include organic hot dogs, chicken fingers and multi-grain mini grilled cheese sandwiches.”–Queens Gazette

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“BareBurger isn’t just a burger joint for milkshake and meat enthusiasts, it’s an organic haven of all natural cheeses and free-range, grass-fed meats. This is no hippy-dippy dive. The place was so busy when a group of friends and I stopped through, we opted for an outside table just so we could slurp up pre-dinner milkshakes. The restaurant’s chocolate and peanut butter milkshake is made with organic ice cream and milk, and you better believe you can taste the difference. I decided I was just going to take a few bites from my boyfriend. Bad idea. Rich, creamy and bursting with flavor, I had to refrain from snatching it away and downing the whole thing before he could even blink. It was just like a Reese’s cup, except better, and not full of processed garbage.”–Victoria P.

“I have recently been on a chocolate milk bing lately and I don’t normally order a milkshake but this time I decided to splurge. I was going all the way!! As I took my first sip I thought I knew what to expect from previously drinking organic chocolate milk but oh boy was I wrong. I never have had chocolate milkshake like this before. I was truly surprised when I realized there was actual shaved chocolate inside but it was shaved into such small slivers that once it touches your tongue it melts instantly.”–Yung Sing Y.


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