Everyone knows about the Little Italy on Mulberry Street, once bursting with Italian immigrant families at the turn of the 20th century, now reduced to touristy restaurants and stubborn holdouts. And some people even know about the neighborhoods in Brooklyn–Dyker heights, Bensonhurst–where the majority of Italian families migrated from Manhattan. The residents of what was once the biggest Italian-American neighborhood in the city dispersed, and now live all over the five boroughs and the country. But there’s another Little Italy of New York that no one ever thinks about, and it sits way, way up north in the Fordham section of the Bronx. Arthur Avenue has been home to Italian immigrants just as long as its Mulberry Street counterpart, and has even been spotlighted in Robert DeNiro’s classic film “A Bronx Tale”. And now you can celebrate this unique Italian-American Bronx history at the Ferragosto Festival!

Although it’s not as boisterous (or as big!) as Mulberry Street’s San Gennaro festival, Arthur Avenue’s Ferragosto Festival celebrates the vibrant Italian-American community that still lives in the Bronx and the contributions they’ve played for the borough, the city, and the world. Last year, the festival drew in over 14,000 visitors with authentic Italian food, live music and entertainment, and a ton of fun. I’ve really neglected this borough when looking for the best foods in New York City, so I wanted to highlight this great festival to really show off the spirit of the Bronx!

15th Annual Ferragosto Festival
Arthur Avenue between Crescent and 187th, Belmont, Bronx
Sunday, September 9, 11:00AM-7:00PM