Wow! We JUST had National Cherry Popsicle Day last Sunday, and now this Sunday it’s time to go out once again and slurp on some frozen juice on a stick. It’s National Blueberry Popsicle Day! I guess they really want to get all of these summer popsicle holidays out of the way before Labor Day 😉 While it may be easy to pick up a blueberry-flavored Fla-Vor-Ice at the store today (holy CRAP were those choice in my childhood), you should try to find one that includes real blueberries in the frozen mix. Blueberries are little superfoods of flavor, containing a ton of vitamin C, B6, and fiber, without a lot of the calories of other fruits. Plus these little buggers are jam-packed with flavor and color, making for a vibrant popsicle that won’t need many additives to make it delicious.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (for the last time this year? Think we’ll have another popsicle day sometime in December? :P) People’s Pops has some of the best popsicles you have ever tasted. Made with fresh, local ingredients, People’s Pops elevated the popsicle from the dredges of the bodega ice cream chest to something gourmet and artisan, both good and good for you (or, at least better than a Popsicle brand!) They offer a blueberry-apricot mix that is out of this world yummy: the super sweet apricots help sweeten the blueberry mix while enhancing their flavor, so you get a full taste of their natural goodness. Each pop has real chunks of fruit in each bite; like a Flav-or-Fruit, but a million times better. To remain local and seasonal, all of their flavors change with the availability of fruits, so sometimes you can even get a blueberry-basil combination, or blueberries and cream. Any way you shake it, their blueberry pops are packed with flavor, real blueberries, and a ton of nutrition. Who ever thought I’d be talking health food on National Blueberry Popsicle Day? 😛

People’s Pops
425 W 15th St

“What started as a one-day experiment back in 2008 has become a New York phenomenon, inspiring imitators and successfully infiltrating street fairs and markets around the city. . The people behind these hand-made pops are obsessed with using only fresh, local ingredients, so whatever seasonal fruits and herbs they can get their hands on determines the current flavor offerings. Right now, they’ve got blueberry-apricot, rhubarb-jasmine, and raspberry-basil.”–Restaurant Girl

Some reviews from

“Oh People’s Pops, oh how Iove thee..let me count the ways! These popsicles are perfectly sweet and juicy with lovely bits of natural fruit, and worth every penny! Blueberry apricot is a must try and the raspberry basil/mint is refreshing and divine. Trust me..these pops call my name during the night!”–Kim L.

“The popsicles here is first rate. All natural ingredients with chunks of local, sustainable fruits frozen into a firm yet smooth popsicle. I had the blueberry flavor and every bite was a mouthful of ripe blueberries in frozen form. Think Edy’s Fruit Bars but much higher and fresher quality. From what I got out of their blog, they are constantly experimenting with new flavors so there should be new surprises from visiting them at different times of the year.”–Wing L.


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