I’m surprised that this day comes a full 20 days after National S’Mores Day–I mean, you’d think they’d go hand in hand! Although marshmallows were originally created as a medicinal device to heal sore throats, they’ve become a sweet sensation, best associated with sticking onto long pokers and roasting over an open campfire. Toasting the marshmallows caramelizes the outer layer of ‘mallow, making it darken, harden, and change taste to a decidedly smoky flavor. And at the same time, it melts the inside of the ‘mallow slightly, making it almost molten. It’s an entirely different experience to eat a toasted marshmallow rather than a plain one, and definitely my favorite way to enjoy this treat 🙂

And if you want one doozy of a toasted marshmallow in New York City, you don’t have to find an open flame to do it; instead, you might have to reach for a straw. One of the most talked-about milkshakes in New York has to be Stand4’s Toasted Marshmallow Shake. Marshmallows made in-house specifically for the purpose of making this milkshake are then toasted over an open flame to the perfect caramelized consistency, and blended with ice cream to make an absolutely gooey, sweet, thick, amazingly delicious milkshake experience. It’s a must-drink for anyone who loves the nostalgic taste of toasted marshmallows but can’t find an open flame to roast them on in Manhattan, and won’t sink to the level of the fake, manufactured flavor of those Jelly Bellys. Unfortunately the rest of the fare at Stand4–from the lackluster burgers to the thin pistachio milkshakes–don’t seem to stand up to the awesomeness that is a homemade toasted marshmallow milkshake, but that’s okay: you can go into Greenwich Village and feel without shame when you just order their famous milkshake and nothing else to go with it. And if you do, you might just catch celebrity chef Michael Symon ordering the same thing! He loves the milkshake so much, he mentioned it as the best sugar rush he’s ever had on the Food Network show “Best Thing I Ever Ate.” And for those looking for a late-night treat, for an extra $3–which is a crazy cheap upsell!–you can add a shot of vodka to your milkshake for a special kick. Now you won’t ever get THAT with your plain old toasted marshmallows!

24 E 12th St (between 5th Ave & University Pl)


“I gave it a second chance just this week: The burgers tasted a bit better (although I wouldn’t call it one of my favorites) and, on a brighter note, the toasted marshmallow milkshake was great. Much thicker, seemingly 100% larger than last time for the same price, no risk of inedible shell bits, and wasn’t overly sweet. The glass was topped with a mass of gooey, lightly marshmallows and swirls of whipped cream. Now I know where to go if I’m ever in Union Square and crave an ice cream-y dessert.”–Serious Eats

“What makes it so good? Do I really need to tell you? I’m pretty sure they make the marshmallows themselves (awesome fact #1), then they toast the marshmallows to a beautiful golden brown (awesome fact #2), and then they blend it all into a milkshake with creamy, dreamy homemade ice cream (awesome fact #3.)”–Amateur Gourmet

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Overall the food was good but nothing that made me dream about this place again. The reason why I give this place for 4 stars has everything to do with the marshmallow shakes. I was in absolute heaven with this shake! I am weirdly obsessed with marshmallows and this shake was beyond amazing. I actually inhaled the first shake and had to order another one because it was soo yummy. My bf and I fought over this shake. I look forward to going to this place simply for their marshmallow milkshake.”–Elianny S.

“I was really interested in tasting the marshmallow milkshake. Everyone was raving about on yelp and it was also featured on Food Network, ‘The Best Thing I Ever Ate’ by Michael D. Symon. It definitely lives up to the hype! It was sweet but not overbearing and the toasted marshmallow really kicked on my taste bud. For my meal, I had a bacon cheddar burger with sweet potatoes fries and onion rings. The onion rings and sweet potatoes fries were awful because it was just really oily. The burger was average at best; it was nothing special. Honestly, I wouldn’t come back for anything besides the marshmallow milkshake. The best Milkshake I ever had by far!”–Zhen C.


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