So….arguably…New York doesn’t realy like the cherry turnover that much. πŸ˜› Because I couldn’t find any bakeries that are known for their cherry turnovers! This delightful little fruit-filled pastry, called a “turnover” because you, well, turn it over while it’s baking, hasn’t seemed to get any followers in the city like cupcakes or macarons, or even its cousin, the apple turnover, has achieved. It may be just worth it to pick up some cherry pie filling (or fresh cherries at the Greenmarket!) and pastry dough and make yourself a cherry turnover for this national food holiday…

The one pastry I can tell you to try in lieu of a tasty cherry turnover today is, in my opinion, just as good, because it also includes cheese πŸ˜€ A cherry cheese strudel is certainly not the same as a cherry turnover, but the sweet cream cheese and the light, flaky crust definitely make up for it, and it’s better to call a strudel mulligan on a national food holiday than to scrap the thing altogether. The Columbia University staple Hungarian Pastry Shop makes an authentic cherry cheese strudel that has locals and students clamoring for it. It’s a little out of the way for just a pastry, so you can go to any neighborhood bakery today and ask for your preferred cherry pastry to celebrate the spirit of the holiday…or take the trek to the Hungarian Pastry Shop for a unique strudel experience!

Hungarian Pastry Shop
1030 Amsterdam Ave (between Cathedral Pky & 111th St)

Some reviews from

“But come here with your laptop and drink their Turkish coffee. Its so rich and delicious and it comes with heavy home made cream. Their cherry strudel is pretty good too. It has a flaky crust and plenty of chunky cherries. You can join the patrons in the dimly lit back, type on your macbook and sip for hours.”–Doreen L.

“Viennese coffee overflowing with foam with a side of whipped cream. So much air! So much dairy! Mmmmmm. Brought out with a nicely warmed cherry strudel served by an accented waitress with a smile and a bow, and eaten in a dark corner of this wooden habitat with a stimulating view of the studious and the sweettooths, with the Sculpture Garden of St John the Divine just barely in view through the window. I wish more of their pastries were delicious, but I can’t help loving this place.”–Frank W.


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