If you thought we were done with popsicle food holidays, you were totally wrong! Like I’ve said before, we inexplicably have a disproportionate number of popsicle-related national food holidays on the calendar. Today’s popsicle flavor of choice is the cherry popsicle, one of the most popular flavors, that always leaves your lips and tongue a bright red and your mouth smiling. There are the easy answers to celebrating this national food holiday: you could head to any local grocery store and pick up the 8-pack of Popsicle brand ice pops and gorge on frozen cherry flavor, but that would lead to no fun, no variety…no imagination! And there’s always the ever-competing and ever-improving two pop giants in Manhattan, People’s Pops and PopBar, who will both undoubtedly have gourmet cherry pops to your heart’s content. But I’ve highlighted both of these great new takes on the popsicle before on the blog, so I wanted to give someone else a try. Is there anyone else in New York City who makes a mean homemade cherry popsicle, so we adults can lick all day and feel like kids again?

You only have to go to the Fulton Market at South Street Seaport to find the next big popsicle in New York. Brewla Bars may not have a storefront to sell, but they offer unique popsicles for adult palettes at various food markets and shops, including Pushcart Coffee Shop, Mido Deli, and the West Side Market. Unlike PopBar–who makes gelato-based pops–and People’s Pops–who makes fruit juice-based pops–Brewla Bars bases their popsicle mixes on tea and coffee blends, making some fantastic frozen combinations you thought you could only get in a coffee shop (and never on a stick!) They currently offer five flavors made from espresso, tea, and craft-brewed root beer, all to help cool you down on this balmy August afternoon. Their “cherry” popsicle is actually a Hero, made from cherry-pomegranate red tea, which offers a boost of antioxidants, vitamin C, and–the boost that we all want–a healthy dose of caffeine.

They’re down at the Fulton Markets on Sundays all summer, so head down there today from 11:00 to 5:00 and try a Hero–and once you discover how delicious and awesome these bars are, you can try all 5!

Brewla Bars
Fulton Market at South Street Seaport


“Brewla Bars is a line of all-natural ice pops available in five flavors designed to please your palette and improve your health. Each bar has a healthy boost ranging from immunity to vitamin C to calcium, with delicious, diverse flavors like cherry pomegranate red tea and root beer float.”–Edible Manhattan

“The artisanal ice pops are packed with all-natural health boosters. The cherry pomegranate red tea HERO pop contains zinc and vitamins B and C while the peach ginger white tea LULLABY pop has L-theanine to help soothe the mind and body. Four out of five flavors are vegan, and all contain fewer than 100 calories!”–Vital Juice

“Sometimes it’s just too hot for coffee and a watered-down iced tea just won’t cut it. Luckily, the ambitious brother-sister duo behind Brewla Bars has come up with an creative alternative: Ice cold popsicles made from freshly brewed coffees and teas. They combine these caffeinated beverages with real fruit and dairy to create unique flavors, like the “Buzz,” a sweetened espresso pop (perfect for an afternoon caffeine pick-me-up), the ambrosial “Lullaby” made with ginger peach and White Tea, and the fruity “Remedy,” a cherry pomegranate red tea frozen bar. The best part is that Brewla Bars’ pops won’t just deliver a jolt of caffeine, they’re also full of antioxidants and nutrients, so they’re beneficial for your health as well.”–Restaurant Girl


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