Did you know that August is National Peach Month? It makes a lot of sense, considering the stone fruit is in season smack dab in the middle of August. That’s when you get an abundance of super-ripe, super-sweet peaches almost falling off the trees and into your lap. This is the perfect time to head down to the nearest Greenmarket, stock up on peaches in any level of ripeness (underdone ones can be ripened by placing in a paper bag on the counter for a few days, and overripe ones are perfect for smoothies!), and start making a ton of peach pastries and confections! This summer we’ve already celebrated National Peaches and Cream Day as well as National Peach Ice Cream Day, but for August, the peach sweet of choice is the peach pie. Single- or double-crusted, latticed or plain, ginger or berries added, the peach pie just feels so much like summer!

And one of the best places to get a scrumptious peach pie is at Peasant, a rustic Italian restaurant in Nolita. Instead of getting one slice of a premade pie, each peach pie is cooked to order, when you order it. And you’re not just getting one slice: the lofty price for a peach pie means you get a personal tart all your own, and the portion is large enough to count itself as a meal! Peasant only makes their peach pies in the summer, when fresh peaches are in season, so you know the ingredients in their pies are all fresh and of the highest quality (if you’re an apple pie connoisseur, head back to Peasant in the winter months when they switch to fresh apple filling in their desserts!) They serve it all the way peach pie was meant to be savored: with a big scoop of ice cream on the side, this time a homemade cinnamon flavor to complement the sweet peaches. There’s no better way to enjoy this summery dessert!

194 Elizabeth St (between Prince St & Spring St)


“Best of all is a heroically proportioned peach pie with a rough lattice crust, its opulent fruit flavor coaxed out by the magic heat of burning wood.”–The New York Times

“The seasoning palette of the kitchen – ample salt, fresh herbs, an occasional pinch of hot pepper, light char – highlights the natural flavors of the ingredients, which is a very Italian approach. For dessert, large fruit pies, peach in summer, apple in winter, are baked to order; they are excellent. A recent pistachio gelato had a dense chewy texture and a pronounced pistachio flavor.”–The Art Of Eating

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“This place is awesome. started of with a glass of wine in the amazing bar section of the restaurant. Dinner was real good. At the time i was there the table next to us was filled with 8 models so the views were good too. The food was simple and cooked to perfection, the rabbit with the gnocchi…forget about it. Overall it was amazing!! peach pie with Cinnamon ice cream. :)..REAL GOODD”–Jonathan H.

“Our table of four ordered three desserts, all of which were ENORMOUS. All were good — bread pudding, panne cotta, and a peach tart that was so big it was like an entire peach pie.”–Hugh B.


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