Well, um…hehehe. I had quite a bit of trouble for National Pecan Torte Day! As you may know, a torte is just a fancy name for a multi layered cake with lots of creams and jams in between each layer. The thing that typically separates a torte from a cake is that the “flour” used to make the layers is made from ground nuts, instead of wheat flour. This definitely differs from the most famous pecan-related dessert you can think of, the Pecan Pie. But try finding a bakery in the city that makes layer cakes out of ground-up pecans! It’s not easy; in fact, I’d be as bold to say, no one makes a pecan torte in New York anymore. I mean, why would you, when the cost for pecans is astronomically higher than flour? Sadly, I might have to give this day a pass…

…But you can still get a great pecan-related dessert cake today, and show that you’re eating in the spirit of National Pecan Torte Day! Raven Patrick De’Sean Dennis III is better known in the city as Cake Man Raven, the owner of the Fort Greene bakery by the same name. He’s been baking since he was a child, and, inspired by the recipes of his grandmother, opened the bakery in 2000. The unofficial cake baker of Brooklyn, he’s been on-call for numerous celebrities, world-famous chefs, and even made a cake in the shape of Borough Hall for Marty Markowitz’s inauguration. But one of his signature cakes is his moist, delicious red velvet cake, beloved by the entire borough and even noted as Ted Allen’s favorite slice of cake on the Food Network’s “The Best Thing I Ever Ate”. And the best part is their cream cheese frosting, not too sweet and not overpowering, and crusted with chopped pecans. It’s a stretch to call this a decent substitute for a pecan torte, but once you get a taste of this cake–that comes in either cupcake form or by the slice–you will definitely think that the selection is more than a little bit decent!

Cake Man Raven
708 Fulton St (between Fort Greene Pl & St Felix St), Fort Greene


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Awesome red velvet cake. Real light and airy. The frosting was simple and delicious and most importantly, not too sweet. The pecans was a great textural contrast for the cake as well. Impressed!!!”–Ricky C.

“I was never a huge fan of the red velvet. But then I befriended Cake Man Raven & everything changed. I’ve never had a red velvet cake so moist & delicious. & to top that frosting w/ pecans – God dayummm!”–Olivia S.


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