This, I promise, is the last raspberry-related food holiday in August, I swear 😉 So all of you raspberry haters can rejoice for the rest of the month and not have to worry about unfulfilling a food holiday dish. It seems, however, that all New York bakeries are also on the raspberry-hating bandwagon, because for today–National Raspberry Tart Day–there are extremely few sweet shops that serve this berry dessert. Why wouldn’t you?! Raspberries might be sour when picked fresh, but they mellow when baked into a dessert, especially when you add sugar, mascerate a little into a jam, and fill a tart shell with the gooey insides. They can be just as sweet as a peach or strawberry tart, but with an extra little kick that you only get in the month of August. One of the few bakeries that makes a lauded raspberry tart is Grandaisy on the Upper West Side. Among their freshly baked savory breads like the 7-grain, you can also get sweet treats, and they’re known for their wide assortment of tarts. Stop in for a quick breakfast of a raspberry tart and Illy brand coffee–you won’t be disappointed.

Grandaisy Bakery
176 W 72nd St (between Columbus Ave & West 72nd St)

Some reviews from

“I’ve been doing so well on my diet that I splurged last night after volunteering. I had half of a raspberry tart and almost slapped the wall! It was that good!”–Christopher M.

“I also had a fresh fruit tart (raspberry) … just delicious… and i was given a free sample of a raisin danish that was fluffy, with the right amount of sweetness. Talk about comfort food! I’ll definitely be going back…”–Michelle W.


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