“Wanna s’more?”

“Some more of what?”

“You’re killin’ me, Smalls!”

My boyfriend will be so excited for this national food holiday 😀 It’s National S’Mores Day, a day celebrating the time-honored campfire snack that evokes so many nostalgic moments of camping, childhood, and the good old days. I mean, the Girl Scouts of America are even credited with inventing the treat, the first recorded recipe for s’mores showing up in a their 1927 handbook. But do you really need a recipe? The ingredients are simple: graham crackers, chocolate bars, marshmallows, and fire. You roast a marshmallow over an open flame until it’s carmelized and slightly charred, making it sweet, hot, and gooey; then, taking two graham cracker sticks with a piece of the chocolate in between, you smush the marshmallow down between them to make a gooey, messy, deliciously sweet sandwich. Repeat this process until you’re a fit of giggles and your stomach hurts from so much sugar 😀

But when you’re a New Yorker, the closest you’ve come to a campfire is the fake Yule Log recording looping on Channel 11 on Christmas Day. And heating a s’more up in the microwave just doesn’t get the right feel to it, not at all. Where can you go for that chocolatey, marshmallow-y, graham cracker taste? Giorgio’s of Gramercy, in the Flatiron District, gets just about as good as it gets with their s’more bread pudding. Not a true s’more by definition, it still holds all the great flavors of a s’more, but with a bit more refinement than getting your hands full of marshmallow goo. The bread pudding is made with graham crackers, caramel, and, of course, chocolate and marshmallow swirled into the mix. Served on top is a big scoop of vanilla gelato. Let that creaminess melt into the pudding for an extra intense flavor! And while Giorgio’s savory dinner menu may not be very original–you can’t throw a stick around the Flatiron district without finding a comparably priced and valued meal–this bread pudding is unique, and tends to be the dish that has patrons returning for a second meal.

Giorgio’s of Gramercy
27 E 21st St


“Dessert was pretty much a no brainer since we are suckers for bread pudding and the S’more Bread Pudding is kind of their house specialty. Chocolate-marshmallow, caramel sauce, and vanilla gelato served with a graham cracker was the perfect end to an absolutely lovely meal.”–Newbie Foodies

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Though I did not sample any of the restaurant’s appetizers, I have yet to end a meal without a serving of their signature S’mores Bread Pudding. The cake portion was bound together with gooey chocolate marshmallows and a sticky caramel sauce. A sprinkling of graham cracker crumbs and mini-marshmallows was spread across the top. Though a vanilla gelato was supposed to accompany the dessert, I have substituted it with both raspberry and pineapple sorbets. The raspberry had a superior, bolder flavor, but both were good compliments to the decadent treat.”–Allison G.

“Their selections for the pre-fixe dinner is great — I started off with the tuna tartare which I loved, then moved on to the seared veal chop (heavenly — veal had really great flavor and the mushroom/gruyere/potato gratin was a perfect side), and finished off with the s’more bread pudding (to die for.. every bite just melted in my mouth. A perfect combination of flavors and textures. Definitely one of the best desserts I’ve ever had in my life).”–Shien L.


But some of you are saying, s’mores flavored desserts just aren’t enough! I mean, the chocolate and the marshmallow and the graham cracker flavors are all well and good, but the beauty behind s’mores isn’t just about the taste; it’s the experience. It’s roasting those marshmallows over an open flame; getting your fingers all sticky when you pull it off your stick; smushing everything together in a delectable sandwich, the marshmallow melting the chocolate, the graham crackers tenuously holding everything together. You can’t get that from a bread pudding. But you can find it at Gyu-Kaku, an Asian fusion barbecue joint in the East Village. Gyu-Kaku has taken the traditional Korean style of barbecue–grilling one’s meat right at the dinner table–and applied it to this American dessert tradition, with delicious results. Not only do you get to eat s’mores the way they were meant to be enjoyed, but the whole dessert becomes a participatory experience: who wouldn’t love to roast marshmallows over a charcoal grill with friends, like they were kids again? The best part is Gyu-Kaku, as many Korean barbecue establishments do, boasts a full bar, so you can have a choco-tini or a mudslide to complement your s’mores–definitely a bonus to being an adult!

34 Cooper Sq


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Lastly, for dessert we had the popular Japanese treat…SMORES. Haha, I’m kidding. Well not about ordering smores, but the idea that this is the norm in every Japanese household. But here with a nice grill in front of us, what better to have than smores. I love smores and I don’t get a chance to have them enough. These were good. I don’t think I need to explain further…you all know what smores are and you all know they are delicious.”–Cynthia M.

“For dessert I ended up getting vanilla ice cream and SMORES. I’ve never had smores before in my life (unless you count me making little ghetto ones with marshmallows, peanut butter and saltine cracker in my oven), and I had a good time actually heating the marshmallow up over the fire and watching it melt the chocolate on the graham cracker. I felt like the biggest kid.”–Amber R.


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