I will never turn down a milkshake holiday. Even when it’s not chocolate milkshakes, or even vanilla milkshakes, there’s nothing like a cool, sweet glass of ice cream mixed with milk and other goodies to make you feel nostalgic for eras gone by. The coffee milkshake, however, is a rare breed: coffee ice cream isn’t your first thought when you want to have a cool summer treat, and certainly not the flavor you reach for to go into your milkshake. But, now that you think about it, coffee milkshakes have become way more common these days than you’d imagine. We just don’t call them milkshakes. XD Have you ordered your Dunkin Donuts Coolatta yet today? Or how about stopping by Starbucks for your daily summer Frappuccino? They might not be directly made with coffee ice cream, but they’re definitely cold, sweet confections that lay far more comfortably in the range of milkshakes than they do as legitimate coffee drinks. While the traditional Greek drink “frappé” is a true iced coffee topped with foam, the American versions add in far more sugar, milk, and ice, making the Frappuccino almost unrecognizable from its Greek heritage. So if you can’t find a decent coffee milkshake in the city today, your local coffee shops will always have you covered 😉

But for an American frappé that actually uses ice cream in their blend–making it a true milkshake–you should go Italian, not Greek. Specifically, you should go Grom: the artisan gelato store in the West Village is known for their rich and flavorful, if expensive, gelato cups. Their caffé espresso flavor is almost unrivaled among the other gelato shops in the area. And they do make frappés out of any flavor of gelato you wish, including the caffé espresso. Who needs milkshakes made with coffee ice cream when you can have a frappé made from gelato? It sounds so rich and delicious and altogether European.

Grom Gelato
233 Bleecker St


“Your choice of any gelato or sorbet blended with whole milk, organic of course. The serving size is small, considering the price, but so creamy and indulgent you really won’t need any more. I like it best with their Caffé Espesso gelato made with Guatemala Genuina Antigua coffee. The resulting frappé isn’t thick enough to stand a straw, but the richness comes from the flavor—a bold, heady coffee, and perfectly chilly.”–Serious Eats

Some reviews from Yelo.com:

“lavors tasted thus far: lemon (fruity,tart, and with a sweetened kick), hazelnut (bits of hazelnuts, toasty, rich, nutella feels like a kid beat up at a playground in comparison) and pistacchio (creamy consistency with freshly roasted pistachios). i have also had all of these in frappe form which is basically a blend of organic milk, ice, and any gelato of your choice if you want your flavors less concentrated a la beverage. thick swankpants milkshake. all in all, to state this treat is merely “good” would be flat and trite.”–Kay B.

“I got a mini “small” cup of caffe espresso and pesca. I love me some coffee flavored gelato and the caffe espresso did not disappoint. It was creamy and not too rich. It was as refreshing as that first sip of coffee in the morning.”–Rachel A.


Indeed, chocolate milkshakes–especially when they’re made with espresso gelato–are a real treat. But what would make them even better? Make it a mocha 😉 I’m talking, of course, about adding chocolate to a coffee milkshake, heaping indulgence upon indulgence. Because when you’re going all-out and having a milkshake when you probably should just be having a coffee with some Splenda in the morning, why not take that extra step and swirl some chocolate sauce into the mix? Oded Brenner, of the world famous Max Brenner chocolate shops, feels the same way. And when a chocolate man gets his hands on a coffee milkshake, you can bet the results are explosively good. At his new uptown cafe, Little Brown, you can get a Nutella Latte Frappé–all three words that will make me salivate all on their own, but put together and you’ve got a mocha milkshake that rivals anything else on the market. It’s been compared to milkshakes all over New York, from Shake Shack to Starbucks, and the unique blend of the hazelnut-chocolate and milky coffee has won Manhattan over. If you’re trying to watch your figure–and, let’s face it, you wouldn’t really be eyeing coffee milkshakes if you were, don’t lie–they also have a skinny cappuccino frappé. But I suggest forgoing the diet for one day and indulging a little–you only live once, right?

Little Brown
1269 Lexington Ave (between 85th St & 86th St)


“Oded Brenner made a name for himself via his chain of Max Brenner chocolate shops. The Israeli confectioner takes on java at this uptown café and bakery. Little Brown serves espresso, frappes and mochas made from Kobricks organic fair-trade coffee. You’ll also find bonbons, truffles and chocolate-laced waffles, along with a range of savories like panini, quiches and salads.”–Time Out New York

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“I popped in here for an afternoon pick me up and was pleasantly surprised. The staff was very kind, courteous, and efficient. I was impressed by the selection of dessert-like beverages, including, my favorite – MILKSHAKES. I tried their nutella milkshake, and it was divine. Dare I say it – better than the shake shack milkshakes around the corner and without the ridiculous line.”–Carrie O.

“I had the Nutella Milkshake, which was INCREDIBLE! Perfect combo of creaminess, ice, and flavors. Not too cold that it gave you a brain freeze and not too thick that you couldn’t get it through the straw. The plastic cup itself was super cute that I might even have to keep it, cupcake on the front and a piece of chocolate walking a dog on the back. This is definitely my drink of choice this spring!”–Nora Y.


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