What the crap is Penuche Fudge? LOL. We’ve had a lot of food holidays involving fudge before: there’s been National Nutty Fudge Day and of course, National Fudge Day. (And in 3 days you’ll get to experience National Hot Fudge Sundae Day, which is completely deserving of its own national holiday!) But what’s Penuche Fudge? Apparently, it’s a fudge-like candy made from brown sugar, butter, and milk, and is flavored only with vanilla instead of other various flavorings. So, essentially, it’s vanilla brown sugar fudge! You really can’t go wrong with that 😀

Although penuche fudge is regionally a New England treat, you don’t find a whole lot of it in New York City–you don’t find any of it, to be honest with you. But if you’re looking for some great vanilla fudge flavor, you’ll have to head to Queens to try a fudge that’s a little cooler than your normal penuche. We once celebrated Eddie’s Sweet Shop a long, long time ago for National Whipped Cream Day, but you can find a lot more than homemade whipped cream here. Their ice cream flavors are out of this world good, which is why people flock from all the boroughs (and even Long Island) to this little sweet shop in Forest Hills. One of their great flavors you can get is vanilla fudge, a lightly sweet yet decadent flavor that encompasses the best parts of siple vanilla and the gooey richness of fudge. It goes great as a scoop on a specialty sundae–how, hot fudge and vanilla fudge, that sounds like an overindulgence I would happily partake in!

Eddie’s Sweet Shop
105-29 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hills

“I love hot fudge. I’ve never had a hot fudge sundae, but I remember the craze when I was in elementary school. Now i understand why kids, why most people love hot fudge sundaes. The smooth lukewarm chocolate warmed the cold ice cream, causing it to slightly melt and become creamier. This worked extremely well with the scoop of vanilla fudge.”–Munchi Monster

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“Their sundaes are always filled to the top and spilling over the dish, thank goodness for the little plate they place underneath the catches all the extra ice cream. Speaking of extras, any time you order a shake, a float, etc- you get your full glass plus a small glass with the extra that could not fit- awesome! My favorite flavors are coffee chip, vanilla fudge, and rum raisin. They also make their own whipped cream which is creamy and delicious, I could probably eat a bowl of that on it’s on and be happy.”–Alyssa F.

“I had the a Banana split with two scoops one Vanilla and one vanilla fudge with Hot fudge and sprinkles and the home made whip cream is to die for… Def will continue going there.”–Yanel B.


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