So, I’ll let you in on a little secret: this post is pre-written. :-O Shocker! Lol, well considering I’m on a cruise ship somewhere in the Atlantic right now it’s not that big of a surprise. I had all of my posts queue up to be ready on each national food holiday, and today–National Daiquiri Day–is no different. But what’s different about today is I’m definitely sipping one of these on the cruise as we speak! 😀 The Daiquiri can be made from any number of ingredients, but the basics of the cocktail are rum, lime juice, and some kind of sweetener, usually sugar. Usually, the daiquiri is served either super cold in a chilled glass, or, more popularly, frozen, with crushed ice cubes, giving the drink a smoothie consistency. It originated at the turn of the 20th century in Cuba–most probably near the beach that holds the same name. But considering how easy and versatile this drink is, and how tasty it is as well, I’m surprised it hasn’t been around for longer than that!

I’m not a huge drinker by any stretch of the imagination, but I know enough imbibers to realize that people who enjoy more than one drink per night do not like super-sweet cocktails. The sweetness bothers their stomach long before the alcohol does, and it limits one’s consumption–meaning, you might get a belly ache from too much sugar before you even get buzzed. In college, my friends switched from bay breezes to vodka tonics to battle this: just a small amount of sweet and a lot more alcohol means you can ingest more drinks without feeling sugar-sick. So, skip the banana and strawberry daiquiris today and go for something that’s only got a little sugar kick to it–then you can drink more! 😀

I’m particularly talking about the Basil Lime Daiquiri at ABC Kitchen, the surprisingly good cafe nestled inside swanky ABC Carpet on 18th and Broadway. Here, they offer a drink that’s perfect for the summer weather, especially when you want to brunch al fresco and people-watch close to Union Square. The basil gives the drink a depth that super-sweet fruits lack, complementing the other ingredients and helping you truly taste the lime–and, most importantly, the rum. It’s such a popular summer drink here that it was featured in a GQ interview with Adam Richman, native Brooklynite and Travel Channel celebrity. Best known for his work with eating a shitton of food around the country, the Man Vs. Food star definitely knows his food, his drinks, and his New York City–which means that this daiquiri is triple-approved. (And I’ll admit, I have just a teeny crush on Richman! I wouldn’t mind sharing one of these with him at ABC Kitchen any time ;-D)

ABC Kitchen
35 E 18th St (between Broadway & S Park Ave)

“”The ABC Kitchen daiquiri has weight and body, like an impressive wine, as well as depth of flavor,” muses Richman. “You immediately get the sense that the ingredients weren’t just splashed together, that somebody worked to—how should I put it?—cook something up. I get the same good feeling from drinking it as I do from eating a complex dish.””–GQ

“The best drink I’ve drunk in recent memory was the basil lime daiquiri I drank at ABC Kitchen, Jean-George’s highly praised farm-to-table restaurant attached to ABC Carpet. The drink positively glowed with its fluorescent green color and intense basil-y aroma.”–Amateur Gourmet

Some reviews from

“I had the basil lime daiquiri and my friend had the vodka thyme lemonade. Both were delicious and very refreshing. The herbs were the stars of the cocktails without being over powering.”–Kate V.

“Oh yes! must order the basil lime daiquiri. I would drink this like vitamin water if i could.”–Evelyn N.


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