No, you’re not seeing a national food holiday repeat, lol! There just so happens to be a lot of food days celebrating that sweet and salty marriage of chocolate with almonds. Not that I’m complaining! 😉 Before we’ve had National Nutty Fudge Day and even National Almond Buttercrunch Day, which was only a little over a week ago! But today is solely dedicated to any and all delicious treats that involve chocolate and almonds. I can get behind that!

You already know that almonds taste amazing when roasted and salted; heck, I have a tin of honey roasted salted almonds in my cupboard right now, meant to be used as an ingredient eventually, but I usually just snack on them during thr day. But would you ever consider chocolate with almonds and salt to be palatable–even more, delectable? It is when you get your chocolate almond bar at Mast Brothers. These are no Hershey bars: Rick & Michael Mast are serious about the quality of every ingredient they use in their bars, from biodynamic almonds from a family farm in California to single origin Dominican 74% dark chocolate. The chocolate is made in-house from cacao beans, the Mast Brothers taking great pride in making everything by their own hands. They roast the almonds and toss them in sea salt before adding them to the chocolate batch, making for a sweet and salty treat that goes far beyond the scope of any almond chocolate bar you’ve had before. At $7 per bar, these chocolate bars aren’t close to what you’d pay for a Hershey, but they’re worlds better in terms of quality of ingredients and care for making each and every one. A must for chocolate fans who like a little salt to go with their sweet!

Mast Brothers Chocolate
111 N 3rd St, Williamsburg

“The Mast Brothers out of Brooklyn, New York have a devout following (ourselves included) thanks to their total commitment to every step from bean to bar. Their uniquely packaged, handcrafted chocolates are truly elegant. Made using a base of 74% cacao of various origins, roasted, cracked and winnowed before being stone-ground to a smooth texture. Almonds, grown on Anderson Farm in California are tossed with Frankies olive oil, roasted and seasoned with Maine sea salt. The almonds are then blended with the chocolate, formed into bars and hand-wrapped using Mast’s unique decorated paper.”–Formaggio Kitchen

“Rick & Michael Mast are meticulous with their sourcing practices, supporting small farms and co-ops around the world. Props for their short ingredient list: cacao & sugar – a true feat to achieve this smooth mouthfeel while avoiding the common practices of adding cocoa butter and/or lecithin. The gorgeous packaging is designed in-house, and the Brothers personally craft each bar of chocolate. Smitten like a kitten!”–French Broad Chocolates

“New York’s only bean-to-bar chocolate factory’s got chops. Sleek, dark-only, rich bars wrapped in gold foil are like Wonkas for grown ups. Using single origin beans means the bars are flavorful and very smooth—they’re polished and refined for 72 hours. The relatively small selection means you can really get to know them all. The Dominican Republic bar with almonds and sea salt could become a fetish and the dark chocolate with cocoa nibs tingles the senses.”–CBS New York

“The space has an unfussy, rustic vibe, modeling exposed brick and overhead beams, an old freight elevator, and a Cyprus wood bar (a hand-me-down from an old-time ice-cream parlor in Pennsylvania), with a soundtrack of bluegrass, classical, and glam rock playing overhead. The brothers produce around ten flavors, from a blend of almond and sea salt to the popular salt-and-pepper bar.”–New York Magazine

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“The bars come wrapped in the most beautiful paper. I made my choice based on which was prettiest, but it turns out they are all equally delicious. My personal favorite is the sliced almonds and sea salt in a bed of dark chocolate. As the chocolate melts in your mouth you start to get the taste of the little salt crystals.”–Lillie M.

“Their chocolate is earthy the same way Ethiopian coffee and french wine smell and taste. I feel like their product tastes the way the cocoa beans want to taste, if that makes any sense. The dark chocolate with sea salt & almonds and Madagascar 72% cacao are my favorites. At $7/bar, it’s not cheap, but if you’re in Brooklyn and have the time & inclination, it’s worth a trip.”–Jeff C.


Salty chocolate not your style? Looking just for a chocolatey, nutty treat that doesn’t have any bells or whistles to it? Then your delight is waiting for you in Midtown, where La Masseria caters to the pre-theater set and beyond. Finish up a meal full of homemade pasta dishes and fresh meats and seafood with their flourless chocolate almond cake. The almonds and chocolate mix in a classic flavor blend, making the cake sweet but not overly so. (And not salty at all!) It’s served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which is always a treat. And if you’re out of town for the holiday weekend (lucky if you got a holiday weekend!), you can have your flourless chocolate almond cake and eat it too–outside of New York! (Good food outside of the city? Preposterous!) La Masseria also has a location in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, so you can enjoy the New England summer as well as celebrate National Chocolate With Almonds Day–nationally!

La Masseria
235 W 48th St (between Broadway & 8th Ave)

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“For dessert, we shared a flourless almond chocolate cake and it was wonderful. I usually can’t stand flourless chocolate cake as I find it dry and too dense, but our cake was light and very flavorful. Excellent way to end the meal.”–Vivian H.

“For dessert, I was all about the chocolate almond cake. Also good and just the right amount of sweetness to finish the meal.”–Dana F.


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