Independence Day may have been yesterday (and I hope you got to see those gorgeous fireworks, from wherever you were!), but today’s national food holiday is all-American. The apple turnover is a pastry made from fluffy puff pastry and stewed apples, encompassing all the warmth and goodness of a home-baked treat in one little pocket. It’s called a “turnover” as opposed to just a regular apple tart (or any other apple pastry) because you must fold the dough over the apple filling and seal it before baking–therefore, turning it over!

Apple turnovers have traditionally been home-cooked confections, and though you can find them in lots of bakeries around the city, rarely are they the baking star of the show. But at Cannelle Patisserie in Elmhurst, Queens, they’re all the rage: firm yet slightly tart apples are used in these daily-made turnovers so they don’t become a syrupy, goopy mess while baking. The crust is flavorful, light, and flaky, with just a tiny drizzle hint of honey–perfect for a turnover. This is the perfect brunch or breakfast-on-the-go for the 5th of July: after all of that heavy barbecued meats and beers you probably ingested on the 4th, what better way to start a dragging working Thursday than a light, flaky, yummy turnover to battle a mid-week hangover? šŸ˜›

Cannelle Patisserie
75-59 31st Ave, Elmhurst

Some reviews from

“Apple Turnover: The end-all, be-all, of apple turnovers. The outside is buttery and oh so flaky, drizzled with a hint of honey. The inside is light, sweet apple. I don’t think I’ve ever had an apple turnover as good as thing one.”–Tinya C.

“Apple turnover = heaven. My husband told me about this place after he read reviews on yelp. Then he was in the neighborhood and went and tried it and couldn’t stop talking about it. So we took a walk there late afternoon to get a chocolate croissant. There wasn’t much selection at that time of day so we had a hot apple turnover and now i cant stop talking or dreaming about the place. eat here. the pastries are awesome.”–Adrienne D.


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