*raises hand* Confession, here: not knowing much about the Catholic liturgical procession as a kid, I didn’t know until college that the symbolic wafers you get during communion at mass don’t taste like the light, vanilla wafers you find in the grocery store. :-[ I thought that was why everyone wanted to get them! Because wafers are awesome. I distinctly remember as a child buying a pack of wafer cookies often at the bodega after school, with what little allowance money I had, because while they were off-brand, they were cheap, and they were tasty. Feather-light layers of sweet, flaky pastry dough with chocolate or vanilla creme filling inside…how can you say no? Now that I get a regular paycheck instead of a twenty every week from my parents, I can afford the brand-name, high-end wafer snacks, like Kit-Kat or Coffee Crisp, which are light wafers covered in chocolate. Mmm, chocolate wafers–now that can definitely make one’s day!

You could celebrate National Chocolate Wafer Day just with a Kit-Kat break during your lunch hour at work, or you can swing by Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea for something new and delicious you may never have tried before! Chocolate wafers don’t just come in foil packages at the bodega; they’re also one of the main ingredients in an icebox cake. An icebox cake is a simple confection consisting of chocolate wafers and whipped cream, stacked together, refrigerated, and served as a huge log of chocolatey whipped goodness. The cake is prepared the previous day and served cold, so the chocolate wafers have time to soak in moisture from the whipped cream. This makes the flaky wafers softer and more manageable as a cake. It’s not a particularly pretty cake, so bakeries don’t often make it, but Billy’s Bakery is a helpful exception. They serve both chocolate and vanilla icebox cakes, but for this holiday, chocolate will definitely do 😉 The whipped cream is homemade and fluffy, without being overly sweet. It’s a little pricey at $5.50 per slice, but once you get your fork into the whipped cream and chocolate wafers, it’s worth it!

Billy’s Bakery
184 9th Ave (between 21st St & 22nd St)


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“I can’t stop thinking about the icebox cake at this place! It tastes so good whether it’s chocolate icebox or vanilla icebox! I’ve been here 3 times and I only tried it once since they are always sold out! So definitely call ahead if your goal is get a slice.”–Dora F.

“The Icebox cake was delicious. It’s not your typical cake with icing. It’s made with thin chocolate wafers and homemade whipped cream, which makes this a light treat. I could taste bits of coconut shavings in it as well. Yum!”–Kimberly K.


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