Happy July! I’ve been looking forward a little on the national food holidays calendar and I am so excited about this month. Lots of delicious summer treats to be had! But first, you have to get through the gingersnap. Not a particularly summery cookie! The gingersnap (also known as the ginger nut or biscuit in other countries) is a simple drop cookie that’s flavored with ginger and other spices, usually cinnamon and nutmeg, to give it a spicy, deep taste. The cookies can be soft and chewy, or brittle, almost like a cracker. In the United Kingdom and Australia, ginger nuts are thin and crispy, but to us Americans, that’ll never do! Gingersnaps look exactly like regular cookies, but are usually a bit harder than your normal soft-baked cookie, giving it that “snap!” texture as well as taste. Gingersnaps, much like their softer gingerbread counterparts, feels much more like a winter treat than something you’d go for in summer…

…unless, of course, you add ice cream to the mix! Although they’re known (obviously) by their super-popular artisan meatballs, the Meatball Shop in the Lower East Side makes a summer dessert that’s very visually reminiscent of their savory meatball hoagies. If you’ve still got room in your belly left over after dinner, their ice cream sandwiches can’t be beaten. You can choose the flavors of both your ice cream and the cookie from what’s available on that day. Cross your fingers tonight and hope you get lucky that they’re serving ginger ice cream with gingersnap cookies! It’s definitely one of their best dessert combinations. Better yet, both the “bread” and the “meat” of these ice cream sandwiches are homemade, so you’re getting super-fresh ice cream and gingersnap cookies. It’s a great, summery ending to a hearty meatball dinner feast!

The Meatball Shop
84 Stanton St (between Allen St & Orchard St)


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“The real reason I frequent The Meatball Shop, is for dessert. Their fresh-baked cookies and homemade ice cream sandwiches are insanely good. And big. Really big. My favourite is the ginger cookie with vanilla ice cream. Just enough ginger spice in the cookie and a whole lot of creamy goodness in the ice cream. The flavours compliment each other so well, I tend to stick to that combo visit after visit. Even after all that stuffin’ face, leave room for dessert, you won’t be disappointed.”–Sara N.

“Don’t eat so many balls that you can’t enjoy an ice cream sandwich… a slew of cookie and ice cream choices, all of which are made in-house, and you mix and match to make your own… My fave so far is chocolate chip and ginger snap cookies, with espresso ice cream in between. The perfect happy ending to an afternoon of balling (too much, yeah).”–Maya F.


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