June 29 – National Almond Buttercrunch Day

What a strange little national food holiday this is! There’s scant information on National Almond Buttercrunch Day around the Internet, and even the articles I found on the day are also equally puzzled as to what almond buttercrunch actually is. As far as I can tell, the closest thing to almond buttercrunch–is it almond butter? is it crunchy because of the almonds??–is Almond Roca, one of the fave luxury candies of dentists everywhere. We used to have these candies in my house when I was a kid: caramel and toffee covered with chocolate and crumbled almonds, Almond Roca is a decadent, nutty confection on par with hazelnut Rochers. But unlike the Rochers, which, apart from the whole hazelnut inside, are pretty creamy and easy to eat, Almond Rocas are tougher than steel. I often felt like I would crack a molar when I bit into one of these. Because of my parent’s failing gums, we only had these bites in the house one or two holiday seasons, but I still remember them fondly.

And I can relive that Almond Roca taste with the almond buttercrunch bonbons at 5th Avenue Chocolaterie, which, surprisingly, isn’t on 5th Avenue. It sits on 3rd and 44th Street, but in a world where the 2nd Avenue Deli is on East 33rd Street, I guess anything goes 😉 While you’re there, take in the huge amount of truffles, bonbons, and other chocolate confections you can indulge in, for want of a real definition of almond buttercrunch. Because even if we don’t really know what almond buttercrunch is, when you go visit a Mecca of chocolate like this one, with so many crunchy, buttery, almond-y goodies to choose from, do you really even care? 😛

5th Avenue Chocolaterie
693 3rd Ave (between 43rd St & 44th St)


Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“I was already sold. Already drooling to try the different types of bonbons, I dared snatch some pictures, although I didn’t recall having brought my camera along with me. Then I proceeded to hand pick and select the following bonbons: white orange, dark kirsch and hazelnut milk, then I picked milk dark pecan caramels and a sugar free almond buttercrunch.”–Atif I.


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