Is there ever a day that isn’t worth celebrating a cookie? My answer is vehemently “no.” (Unless you’re supposed to celebrate lobster that day, then I would probably defer…) And there is just nothing like a Pecan Sandy. Called “sandy” not because they have sand in them, of course, but for their crumbly, almost shortbread-like texture. I happen to love the heck out of shortbread, and you don’t have to twist my arm to indulge in one of my favorite nuts, the pecan. (More on pecans tomorrow, if you can’t get enough of them!)

The pecan sandy is traditionally a home baker kind of cookie, with tons of recipes and variations floating around cookbooks and Internet databases these days, so you don’t see a whole lot of bakeries specialize in the sandy–and definitely don’t highlight it as the gem of their cookie arsenal. But you can get a pretty good store-baked pecan sandy at Bakeway, a local bakery favorite in Astoria. Their specialty is the pecan pie, but it makes them experts in all things pecan, so the sandies are particularly excellent here. And for all those foodies who live in Queens, this is a special treat: you don’t even have to get into the city to celebrate this national food holiday 🙂

Bakeway NYC
2521 Broadway, Astoria

Some reviews from

“I had a little time to kill, so I decided to stop in. YUM. I got the spanakopita on a whim, and it was delicious. Super flaky, with a flavorful, dense spinach filling. The other time I stopped in, I got a pecan sandy, which was definitely tasty. Prices are very reasonable on their baked goods, and there is free wifi as well. Looks like a great neighborhood hang out with a clean, modern atmosphere.”–Christina K.


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