What a huge, colorful, sparkling celebration! The Coney Island Mermaid Parade is an annual tradition signaling the start of summer (and the beachgoing season!) Coney Island USA, the organization behind the Coney Island Museum, has been organizing the parade since 1983, and it’s only gotten bigger and better over the years. Revelers from all over the city–nay, the country–come to Coney Island today to watch, or even participate in, the beautiful festivities. Skin and body paint are a must on Saturday! Come to see all the great mermaid costumes, enjoy the live music and games, and get into the lively, wild fun of a ton of painted, nearly-naked people parading all together on a hot boardwalk!

(And if you didn’t get enough painted, nearly-naked people parading all together this Saturday, the NYC Pride Parade is on Sunday. The rivers of New York will run silver with glitter this weekend!)

I’ve only gone to the mermaid parade a few times, because the crowds are so huge on this day, but I suggest everyone get down to the beach this weekend and see the parade for yourselves! There’s music, entertainment, lots (and lots!) to see, and yes, all the great Coney Island foods and snacks you’ve always remembered. And, more importantly, it’s great to see, and show, how Coney Island hasn’t been discouraged by the recent landgrabbing and nasty business dealings of real estate corporations. (And if you could, a few dollars to Coney Island USA or the Coney Island Museum to help preserve the neighborhood doesn’t hurt either!) By participating in Coney Island games and attractions, and even just visiting the Coney Island Mermaid Parade and being there, you’re saying you want the neighborhood to remain as it always has, a land of sun, fun, amusements, and wonder.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade
1000 Surf Avenue, Coney Island