It’s more than just a pretty color combination to paint on your livingroom walls–and it’s more than just a dirty euphemism, too. Peaches and cream is a delicious, easy dessert, much like Strawberries and Cream, that just involves fruit and a bit of cool cream to make a lovely, elegant dish. And the summer is the best time to enjoy this kind of dessert, with fruits in abundance at the Greenmarket and my favorite form of cream–ice cream–is the perfect way to cool off on a summer afternoon. If you’re looking for the genuine article, definitely make this treat yourself, with a few peaches purchased in Union Square and a pint of your favorite vanilla ice cream, mix them up, let the ice cream melt a little to meld with the yummy peach juice, and enjoy 🙂

There’s also a great shop that will do all the peaches n cream mixing for you–and serve it all on a yummy waffle cone 🙂 I highlighted the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory back on National Pecan Day for their butter pecan ice cream, but the deliciousness of their peaches and cream flavor just can’t be overlooked. The homemade ice cream shop, known for its spectacular views of the East River, makes a very small range of ice cream flavors, to focus on clean, fresh-tasting ice cream and the goodness of the old standards. (You won’t be finding any Ben & Jerry-inspired flavors here!) They use real farm fresh peaches for their peaches and cream ice cream, and only uses natural, raw sugars in each of their flavors. It’s definitely worth a stop-over at Water Street to pick up a cone today, and catch the cool breezes coming off of the river–if it gets as hot as it’s supposed to be today, you may need both!

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
Fulton Ferry Landing Pier, 1 Water St, Brooklyn Heights

“Like an ice cream sommelier, he describes a great vanilla as ‘natural, clean and silky,’ and sings the praises of his favorite vanilla extract producer, Nielsen Massey, in a 15-minute lecture on the art and science of the vanilla bean. He laments the evils of bleached sugar and preaches the righteousness of fresh peaches over canned.”–The New York Times

Some reviews from

“I got the peaches and cream ice cream, and it was straight up vanilla ice cream mixed with pieces of peach. I liked it and it certainly hit the spot on a warm, humid afternoon. That is, until I dropped the cone walking around the park. Big fail.”–Andrew N.

“The ice cream is terrifically creamy, and if it’s a nice day, you can simply walk out onto the pier to do your licking. I tried the peach milkshake, and I managed to avoid a brain freeze as I gazed at that wonderful Manhattan skyline. Rachael Ray praised it in one of her “$40 a Day” shows on the Food Network, so I expect business has picked up since then. It’s just a nice treat to have after taking the windswept walk on the bridge.”–Ed U.


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