I’m not going to lie to you: I’m not all that interested in National Cherry Tart Day. Since the past two weeks have been all about strawberries in Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie and Strawberry Shortcake–not to mention the delectable Apple Strudel Day just yesterday–I’m just about full up of summer fruit pastry national food holidays right about now. (What I am excited about isn’t the national food holiday of today, but the international food holiday–which is coming up right after this!) I’ve had enough of sweets and pastries for this week!

So, instead of looking around the city for a decent cherry tart (when I didn’t even feel like eating one today!), I got a drink instead. Always a good substitute! 😛 And it just so happens that the high-class lounge and wine bar, The Dove, makes a cocktail that’s so aptly named for today’s national food holiday. Their Cherry Tart cocktail is composed of vanilla vodka and cherry juice, and has a squirt of lime for garnish. It’s still sweet from the juice and tastes lovely and fragrant from the vanilla vodka. I’ve recently gotten into drinking diluted cherry juice, and I’ve always been a fan of vanilla vodka, so this drink is absolutely perfect for me. It’s a cute take on the classic Vodka and Cranberry, but sweeter–perfect for someone like me who only wants a drink or two for the entire night. Their specialty cocktails, which also include a take on milk and honey, are $9 each, but come during happy hours to knock off $3 a pop–making these drinks just as cheap as a real high-end cherry tart, and certainly fewer calories.

The Dove Parlour
228 Thompson St (between Bleecker St & 3rd St)


“Patrons are encouraged to prop their feet up on the tables, sprawl out on the fancy chaises longues, and chill by the open French windows. Unique and creative drinks are their specialty: The Cherry Tart (vanilla vodka, natural cherry and lime juices; $9) tastes like cake frosting; the Honey Dove (honey, cognac, and vanilla organic soy milk; $9) is quasi-healthy, smooth, and tasty.”–The Village Voice

Some reviews from Yelp.com:

“I also tried a sip of my friend’s Cherry Tart (vanilla vodka, cherry juice, and lime) and it was delicious if cherry is your thang. Honestly, I haven’t heard one bad thing about any of their drinks.”–Brett W.

“I definitely suggest the house cocktails, which are both innovative and delicious. I had the Cherry Tart (vanilla vodka, cherry juice, and lime), which tasted like cherry candy with a pleasing, slight aftertaste of vanilla; the Rum Tea (white rum, honey, citrus), which seemed like exactly the sort of thing I will have to get when In inevitably contract the flu in two months; and the Silk Road Margarita (cinnamon-infused tequila, orange liquer, and lemon juice), which was an interesting spin on one of my favorite cocktails. It’s a testament to the deliciousness of the Dove’s house cocktails that I enjoyed each one despite being an avid hater of both vanilla and cinnamon. And at $6 a pop, I definitely didn’t feel any remorse at trying so many of them out.”–Sylwia W.


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